This Clown Bike Is Not Clownin’

Are you someone who, for better or for worse, simply loves the spotlight? Has that inherent desire for attention caused you to take up entertainment in some capacity or other?

If you find that either of those statements resonates with you, and you simply love to put on a show, we welcome you to investigate the UDC Minibike that’s available over at

It may be a clown bike – but it is certainly not clownin’.

A Clown Bike Worth Every Ounce
Call it a circus clown bike if you will, but the UDC Minibike available at is the very essence of quality.

It’s only 14 inches high and 17 inches long; it’s truly a minibike in every sense of the word, but don’t be fooled by its small size. It’s up for the challenge of trick riding, racing and more.

It features a heavy gauge steel frame and sports a brightly colored Illusion Green. Mag chrome rims support solid rubber (non-pneumatic) tires that are rock solid and will never need to be filled up. Overall, it weighs almost 14 pounds (12.88 lbs, to be precise).

It also features a 22.2mm straight seatpost, a single bolt clamp, cotterless, 90mm cranks, and plastic pedals with a CrMo axle with 9/16th” threads. Since even the boldest riders can’t be expected to carry it everywhere, it comes with a lift handle built into the saddle.

The best part? Anyone can ride these bikes, not just clowns. They’re actually suitable for full-sized, adult riders. You just need to squeeze down into the saddle and get your sea legs. Sure, it’ll be a challenge, but what fun is anything that isn’t?

Plus, you’re bound to turn heads rolling down broadway in the saddle of one of these little things. Take the spotlight and command it!

Try a Circus Bike Instead
Looking for something a little larger to support your skills? Instead of the UDC Minibike available at, check out the Hoppley 20” Circus Bike instead.

It also exhibits uncompromising quality, with a round crown steel frame and steel handlebars. Its singlewall steel rims are tough, too. A little bit larger (recommended for riders with a minimum inseam length of 29”), this is an ideal circus bike or clown bike for stunt riders. It even features stunt pegs at the front and has wheels that rotate completely independently of each other.

In a word: It’s perfect for those occasions when stunting with one rider simply won’t cut it.

Learn More at
Interested in taking your stunting and clowning to the next level? It’s time to invest in some of the tools of the trade. You can learn more about these and other clown bikes online at – they even sell the classic Penny Farthings in addition to these!

Need some additional help? Just get in contact with them directly via the live chat on their site or by phone at 678-494-4962!

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