Thread Milling with Solid Carbide Tool

Part of making custom replacement components involves having to add threaded surfaces to make those components. There are a number of different ways to cut threads, but thread milling with solid carbide tools is one of the fastest and most efficient ways to cut extremely accurate threads.

The traditional method of producing threads employees the use of tap and die tools. These traditional tools are slow and more advanced options like threading machines employ similar cutting systems with mechanical assistance, making them a faster option for cutting pipe threads and other surfaces. Despite their increased speed, these tools’ method of cutting can make chip breaking and evacuating difficult, making it easy for a jam to damage the cutter and the workpiece. That’s why thread milling is such a great option.

Thread mills are specialized cutters designed to cut threads using computer numerical control milling machines. Because these machines are so accurate, they can cut perfect threads very quickly. The cutting tools are designed to remove material very efficiently and the cutting tools can be easily removed from the workpiece without damaging the surface of your cuts. This makes thread milling a safe and more efficient option for shops that have to cut a lot of threaded components.

Carbide thread milling tools come in two main styles, single pitch and full form. Full form tools are the fastest option for cutting threads. These tools have rows of cutting teeth that will cut an entire threaded surface in a single 360 degree rotation. Whether those threads are internal, external, right or left handed, a single full form thread mill can cut them all quickly as long as all of the threads are of a uniform pitch. This is because the cutting teeth on the tools are specially spaced to match only one thread pitch.

Single pitch thread mills only have a single cutting point. This means that they can cut a variety of thread pitches using one tool. The smaller cutting surface also makes these tools a great option for adding threads to unstable surfaces such as thin walled components or threaded surfaces on overhangs. The downside to using these tools is that they take longer to complete a threaded surface due to the fact that the cutting point has to trace along the entire length of the threads. Even though this is the case, they are still as fast or faster than tap and die and threading machines.

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