Three Brands of Sheet Metal Benders That Every Roofer Should Be Aware Of

If you’re a roofer that’s used to working with sheet metal you probably understand the importance of having high-quality tools. Having proper tools can take hours off the time it would take you to a job without them. Not to mention, it can alleviate some of the stress and back-breaking labor you have to do. Obviously, roofing is a physically demanding job regardless of the tools at your disposal, but having dated or obsolete tools only make the job that much more difficult.

One tool that no sheet metal roofing professional can do without is a sheet metal bender. In all honestly, you may even need more than one depending on the size of the job. Luckily there are plenty of excellent options available online when it comes to metal benders. Several roofing tool companies produce metal benders worthy of an expert roofer. Some of those would be Stortz, Freund, and Wuko. Each brand has metal benders available on, but let’s go into detail on what makes each brand unique.

Stortz Sheet Metal Benders
John Stortz & Son is a roofing tool business that has been making quality hand tools since 1853. You have to be a very innovative and productive business to continue producing the quality products that they have been for all these years. Their sheet metal benders are just as efficient as the rest of the tools that they produce.

Stortz perfect benders come in various different sizes, ranging from their pocket bender to their popular XL-150. The pocket bender is extremely convenient. It’s a simple bender that is especially useful when bending to the corners. The XL-150 bender and its counterpart the S-150 bender are both made of stainless steel to be used in any weather condition. They can both be paired with roller hemming tools as well.

Freund Metal Benders
Freund is a company that makes some amazing portable bending options. When it comes to seamless bends, they have options available to get the job done right whether you’re working with straight sheets or curved sheets. They have radius rollers, disc rollers, and premium benders available. Each of these are quality products that offer convenience and will make it so you’re able to bend sheet metal directly at the job site rather than going to a shop.

Wuko Metal Benders
Last, but definitely not least, we have Wuko. Anyone who has ever worked with sheet metal in any architectural manner likely knows the quality associated with the Wuko brand name. Their benders are able to form panel profiles or flanges on sheet metal, straight and curved alike. Both their singular benders and their combos are reviewed very highly by roofing experts. They have a wide variety of premium-level benders available.

Get all of these sheet metal benders and more on They have a wide variety of roofing tools for all of your sheet metal needs. Buying roofing online tools online has been made easier than ever with everything you can need on the job available in one spot. Visit Stortz’s website today and see the vast selection they have available.

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