Three Things You Must Not Forget For A Cigar Themed Bachelor’s Party

Cigar parties have always been the best, most unforgettable stag party theme of all time. It’s a gathering of men, not boys, and it certainly has class and a hint of eloquence to it. Gone are the days when bachelor parties involved indecency and debauchery which were often the reason why most weddings get canceled. If you’re the chosen best man, you wouldn’t want that color on you for life.

Being chosen as your brother’s or best friend’s best man out of the rest of the other candidates brings you a feeling of pride which also comes with a bit of jitters. It’s a spot where you have to do everything that’s expected from you on your own since no one else shares that position with you—this includes the bachelor’s party. The slight touch of heebie-jeebies is normal but you don’t have to worry too much about it though, we have here a few points in which you can take note of in case you have no idea what to prepare and how to plan the stag party of the year.

Buy Cigar Bundles
Looking up cigar bundles for sale as early as the day you were chosen to be the best man might do a great favor for your planning. For starters, choosing the best bundles right away will save you more time for planning the rest of the other, more complicated tasks. On top of that, you already know you’re going to need cigars since the theme revolves around it after all. Cigar bundles are also great for your buddies who haven’t really tried smoking premium once yet since they naturally come at a hefty price. But with cigar bundles, everyone can have a taste of the premium Cubans for less.

Cigar Accessories
Buying cigar bundles already saves you a lot of money, which is a good idea so you can throw in a couple of cigar cutters and butane lighter. None of you can really enjoy your premium Cubans without these two anyway, so you’re going to have to check them out with the bundles as well. Keep in mind though that cutting the cigar with the cutter requires skill, so you’ll probably have to practice on that before the day takes place and teach the others how to do it by themselves.

The Humidor
Purchasing a humidor is a crucial part when shopping for premium cigar bundles. Although they may be priced lower than the singles do but they still taste the same and has the same quality of piquancy premium tobacco has. Also, you can’t really force others who do not want to smoke. You can maybe let them hold an unlighted one for pictures but make sure you put those cigars back to the humidor so you can still use them at the after-party.

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