TLC Tips For Your Rheem 5 Ton AC Unit

Failing to care for your Rheem 5 ton AC Unit can increase your energy costs significantly. You don’t want to be the bearer of some ridiculously expensive bills. Good thing there are a few tips on how you can lessen the likelihood of malfunctions and maximize your AC productivity.

Keep Everything Closed
It is critical that you keep in mind to close all windows and doors when the AC is on. A small crack of the door or window can cause the air-conditioned air out and the hot air in. Your AC now goes back to maintaining the cold stability of the whole room and this cannot be done completely unless those cracks get closed, otherwise, you’ll have to brace yourself for the next electricity bill to come.

Early Service
Prevention is the key. Putting off an AC regular service could lead to a serious problem. We tend to only remember a problem when a certain situation comes up and we have to figure out how to get away with it. Too bad, it won’t be as easy as it was when it first started.

Not having your small AC problem fixed as soon as you noticed it and then have it serviced in the middle of summer instead, surely could cause a lot of problems for your sanity—mostly. Have your AC unit serviced once spring is in full swing, this way you won’t have to worry about the cooling system in your household for the time being while the repair is going on.

Check Air Filters Regularly
Checking the air filters of your Rheem 5 ton AC unit at least once a month for dirt or clogs can do so much for your AC unit. This way, the system will no longer have to work harder to draw in enough air. It would also be better if you replace the filters monthly to maintain your air conditioner’s quality performance and productivity.

Build A Shade For the Condenser
Not everyone knows this but it’s wiser to shade the condenser to maintain the long-term health of its system. If the condenser sits in direct sunlight, especially the ones installed on the rooftop, it could get really hot. And this makes the condenser work even harder. By creating a shade for the condenser, keep in mind not to block the airflow of at least an empty 4-feet radius around the unit.

This is what makes Rheem 5 ton AC unit more favorable since this is a ground-mounted straight cool air conditioning condenser, meaning, you can easily shade your condenser, clear away any dirt, remove weeds and debris to allow correct airflow. Not to mention, regular service won’t be as hard as much.

Air conditioner units require regularly scheduled maintenance, therefore, ease of accessibility should always be kept in mind. In the event of a failure, a ground-mounted AC unit won’t invite additional hassle and endangerment from climbing all the way up to the rooftop just to access it. Check out Rheem 5 ton AC unit and other air conditioners and heat pumps selection by Rheem in to help keep your home comfortable.

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