Top Reasons to Upgrade Your VP9 or VP40 with an Anarchy Outdoors Compensator

What if there was an easy-to-install compensator you could pair with your HK VP9 or VP40 that could improve your confidence, substantially slash felt recoil, and potentially help you shrink your groups?

There is, and you can find it online at If you’re still not sold, consider these reasons to upgrade.

Manage Muzzle Jump
First and foremost, the Anarchy Outdoors compensator for HK Handguns, which feature high-quality construction and are easy to install (but not compatible with threaded barrels), can substantially reduce felt recoil, which means less muzzle flip.

For recoil-sensitive shooters, this is a big bonus; but it also carries some additional tangible benefits.

More Confident Handling
Flinching is a serious problem for shooters and it has unfortunate repercussions on the accuracy and precision of a group. “Responding” to recoil before the trigger even breaks is never a good thing.

While a compensator can’t teach you to unlearn bad habits, it can cut felt recoil. In the case of the compensator sold by Anarchy Outdoors, by as much as 50%.

That alone is a big break for flinchers and other shooters that are recoil-shy. Being less nervous in anticipation of recoil can boost confidence at the range that, in time, can correspond to greater accuracy.

Keep Sights Trained on Target; Faster Follow-up Shots
Even for confident shooters, muzzle flip throws your sights off target. While adopting good technique, stance, and control over the firearm can help combat muzzle flip, a compensator is a real ace-in-the-hole.

The noticeable reduction in recoil can keep your sights on target, prevent your handgun from obstructing your sight picture, and enable potentially faster follow-up shots.

No Loss of Power
For shooters that are concerned about diminishing the stopping power of their cartridge, never fear. The Anarchy Outdoors compensator for the HK handgun does not reduce shot power.

Add Some “Pop” Factor
One more reason to add a compensator to your pistol has nothing to do with handling or accuracy at all, but with personalization.

The Anarchy Outdoors compensators are available in several colors including black, gold, purple, blue, and red, and can be used to add a little flash to your handgun.

How Does a Compensator Work?
When you fire a handgun that lacks a muzzle device such as a compensator, all of the gases produced in the chamber and barrel behind the bullet exit along with the projectile. The force of expansion and the energy transfer carried by the mass of the projectile together result in a corresponding force rearward into the gun, then into the wrists, arms, and frame of the shooter.

A compensator (like the one that is the feature of this post) is a special muzzle device that either controls the expansion of or redirects the gasses ported at the muzzle of the firearm.

In this instance, some of the gasses are ported upward – which results in a force that helps keep the muzzle down. It doesn’t entirely eliminate muzzle jump, but it does help a lot.

Where Can I Get This Compensator?
For those interested in learning more about this specific compensator for the HK VP9 and VP40, please visit Anarchy Outdoors via the previous link or through

Their compensator is easy to install, available in multiple colors, and comes with a 100% lifetime guarantee for replacement. Check out the link above to learn more or contact Anarchy Outdoors at 833-980-0333.

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