TOTO Plumbing Parts: Everything You Need to Know

Plumbing parts and fixtures come in countless sizes, configurations, and designs– not to mention applications. Even when you know specifically what you’re looking for amongst all the options available, it can be especially difficult to find your desired product as you need to be sure it will be a reliable, sturdy, and long-lasting one.

Fortunately, we have the answer to your plumbing problem: TOTO. TOTO is one of the most impressive brands in the plumbing industry today. But what exactly is TOTO and why should you closely consider using TOTO plumbing parts and fixtures?

What Is TOTO?
TOTO Ltd. is a Japanese-based company that specializes in manufacturing plumbing parts, especially toilets and other fixtures. In fact, they are the largest toilet manufacturer in the world. Since the company was founded in 1917, they have opened production facilities in nine other countries– and they don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon.

What Is So Great About TOTO?
But what exactly is so impressive about TOTO in particular? There are numerous other toilet manufacturers in the market today, so what could they offer you that others cannot?

Award-Winning Products
They have received several awards for their various products, such as the iF Design Awards, Red Dot Design Awards, and Green Dot Design Awards. TOTO was awarded these prestigious awards based on several of their products, like their various touchless faucets, washlets, flotation tubs, and lavatories.

The company prides itself on being innovative, especially since their invention of the washlet. A washlet is a toilet seat that has within it a bidet. The bidet can be controlled by either remote control or a button that is located on the toilet seat.

While washlets may not be excessively popular here in the USA, it is quite popular on an international scale. In fact, TOTO has sold over 50 million units of the extraordinary toilet part since it was first introduced to the market in 1980.

While the washlet is an impressive product, TOTO continues to astound the world by continuing to design and create innovative products, like their faucets, wall-hung toilets, flotation free-standing tubs, and more!

Found in Some of the Most Impressive Architectural Structures
There are various quality architectural structures across the globe that utilize these products. Some buildings and other structures that have TOTO plumbing parts and fixtures within them include Park Hyatt in Guangzhou, Baredessono in Napa Valley, The Ritz-Carlton in Montreal, and the Marriott in London.

Types of TOTO Plumbing Parts
There are countless offerings by TOTO to match nearly anyone and everyone’s plumbing needs. They have both commercial and residential items, ranging from washlets and toilets to flush valves and soap dispensers!

Where to Buy TOTO Plumbing Parts
When you want to buy the best, you have to do so from the best. When purchasing TOTO plumbing parts and other fixtures, look no further than Quality Plumbing Supply. They are your “quality” connection between you and manufacturers, providing you with only top-of-the-line products! Give them a call today at 1-833-251-4591!

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