Trends That Are Fast Picking Up Among American Restaurants

Human life across geographies is seen getting back to normalcy slowly coming out of the dreadful spell dictated by the Covid-19 pandemic. As the different industry sectors are trying to pick up during the post Covid-19 situation, we notice several stark changes that have come into their working. The changes that have taken place on the menu cards of the American food restaurants is an interesting topic.

Interest in global flavors
For a few years, world cuisine is ruling the foodie scene everywhere. While the restaurants remained shut down amidst health crisis, customers had to make their favorite international foods at their own homes. So, the pandemic situation has given an opportunity to Americans to experience some interesting gourmet flavors and dynamic cuisines which they were only getting earlier from their favorite restaurants. During the post pandemic times, people are expecting more of global flavors and their intriguing combinations.

Food for wellness
Work from home, sedentary lifestyle, need to boost up the immune power of our bodies and inability to indulge in an active outdoor life regime during the pandemic restrictions have all triggered rising concerns about the foods we take. While delectable options have not disappeared altogether, people are looking for menus that can embrace health. Heart healthy foods, plant based foods and wholesome foods are increasingly preferred these days duly figuring on the restaurant menus.

Liking for simple desserts
Amidst the several changes we have noticed in the realms of food preferences, one surprising factor to talk about is the relevance of cookies to satisfy majority expectations. In 2020, 25% more cookies were consumed than the previous years. More than 95% Americans say they eat at least one cookie a day. Vega, natural cookies and gluten-free cookies are becoming popular while chocolate chip cookies still rule the game.

New expectations from smoothies
Every American restaurant has been serving smoothies for so long as they are among the popularly sought after beverages due to their filling nature, delicious flavors and capacity to boost up the immune system. However, due to the fact that smoothie bowls can take in more interesting flavors and surprising combinations, people are now expecting several new experiments in preparing smoothies. Preferences are on the rise for exciting flavors like pineapple and matcha in addition to some savory mixtures often enhancing them with sliced fruits, granola and hemp seeds.

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