Trying to Find Survival Knives for Sale?

Now that warm weather is here it is time to practice some woodland survival skills. If you are serious about honing your woodland survival skills, then a good knife is something that you have to have. If you are looking for quality survival knives for sale, then you need to visit The Knife Connection.

The Knife Connection is an online knife retailer with a huge selection of knives in stock. This includes plenty of great survival knives. In order to make the process of finding the perfect knife easier, their online store is divided into categories that contain curated lists of products based on your needs. If you want to see a great selection of survival knives for sale, they have a section of their store dedicated to them.

Survival knives are designed to be strong enough to tackle a wide range of situations. This means that you are always going to want to choose a fixed blade knife because they are significantly stronger than folding knives. Survival knives come in all shapes and sizes but the most important thing when making your choice is to look for a knife that you would be comfortable handling for extended periods.

To give you an idea of the kinds of survival knives that you can expect when visiting The Knife Connection, let’s take a look at a few of their most popular options.

Architect Field Buddy 5.5 and 6.5 – The Architect Field Buddy knives are a direct result of The Knife Connection’s owner Dale’s desire to create his ideal outdoor knife. These knives feature a classic drop point design and the blades are made from sturdy 1095 carbon steel. These knives also feature a finger choil and thumb jimping to provide a secure and comfortable grip.

ESEE Knives 5 – The ESEE 5 is a knife designed to be a dependable workhorse. The 1/4” 1095 steel blade was built to be dependable enough for soldiers to rely on them in combat. The blade has a 5.25” cutting edge terminating in a versatile drop point. The ESEE 5 also comes with a strong and secure Kydex sheath that is MOLLE compatible.

TOPS Knives Desert Nomad – The Desert Nomad is a survival knife that was built with combat in mind. The 6.5” blade is made from low maintenance 440C Stainless steel and terminates in a clip point. The design and grind on the clip point help to offer penetrating power while keeping the point strong. The pommel also has a splitter design that can be used for combat and other survival applications.

Becker Knife & Tool BK3 TAC Tool – This knife was designed as an extremely versatile survival tool. The large machete-like 7” blade is made from 1095 Cro-Van steel and has a chisel-like design. While this knife does not have a sharp point, it’s sturdy 1/4” blade makes it ideal for smashing and prying. The knife also features a hook that can be used to cut a variety of items like cordage and fabric.

If you want to see all of these survival knives for sale and many more, then it’s time to visit The Knife Connection. In addition to offering quality knives, they also carry plenty of great survival and general outdoor gear so you can hit the trails this summer ready to take on anything. If you have any questions about their survival knives or any of the other items they carry, just send an email to [email protected] to speak to one of their knife experts.

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