Two Great Rock Island 1911 Pistols for Competition, Defensive Applications, and More

Rock Island has made some serious quality 1911 style pistols for decades now, and more often than not at attractive price points.

Functional, reliable, and typically built without the frills, Rock Island 1911 pistols are a favorite among shooters from many backgrounds.

And there are lots of them. So what are some top picks at the entry level?

Consider one of these two.

Rock Island Standard FS .45 ACP 8 Round
The Rock Island Standard FS in .45 ACP with an 8-round capacity is a near facsimile of the classic full-size (Government) M1911, capturing a lot of the details of the original.

At 8.54” overall, with a 1.3” width and a 5.51” height, this FS RI 1911 tips the scales at 2.5 lbs; hefty, but not heavy.

It sports a button-rifled barrel for uncompromising accuracy (but which keeps costs down), as well as a full-length guide rod that protects the recoil spring and adds mass near the muzzle to keep flip down.

Like many other Rock Island 1911 pistols, it sports an angled, smooth style that enables smooth draws, even quickdraws, with snag-free rear sights.

The crisp, 4-6 lb trigger features an adjustable overtravel stop and an ambidextrous safety (a standard in this series).

This Rock Island 1911 pistol is also completed with a parkerized, black matte finish that simplifies maintenance and helps protect against corrosion.

True to its form of minimizing maintenance, this RI 1911 is completed with rubberized grips that require no special care and which offer excellent grip in all conditions.

Rock Island Standard CS .45 ACP 7 Round
Looking for a slightly more compact Rock Island 1911 pistol that might be more conducive to concealed carry or handgun hunting?

While the 8-round, full size model is solid, the Rock Island Standard CS in .45 ACP with a 7 round capacity might just have the edge.

It pretty much offers all of the same features as the other Rock Island 1911 with a few basic differences, pretty much all related to dimensions.

It is smaller, with a slightly more compact footprint, at 7.13” long, 5.12” high, and 1.3” wide – interestingly, it is the same weight, also coming in at 2.5 lbs – so it handles recoil about the same.

Pretty much all the other features are the same except it has a smaller magazine – by one round.

But, if you’re looking for a more compact Rock Island 1911 with the same firepower, this is a solid one for concealed carry, defensive applications, and even sporting applications like handgun hunting.

What About Other Rock Island 1911 Pistols?
These are only two of the best Rock Island 1911 pistols out there. Other great ones are:

● Rock Ultra FS .45 ACP 8 Round (The Ultra series features tougher, more wear resistant G10 grips and fiber optic sights)

● Rock Standard FS 9mm 10 Round, great if you want a higher capacity and similar stopping power to .45 ACP with less recoil.

● Rock Ultra FS 10mm 8 Round, a solid option if you can handle the recoil but you want lights-out stopping power.

These are three other great Rock Island 1911 pistols but there are many others – check their website for more information.

Looking for New 1911 Magazines?
SARCO, Inc. sells one of the best 1911 magazines in the industry, made from top-quality steel, built on a high-speed computer controlled link press, finished with a magnetite coating, and built with an improved feed lip and follower design.

The best part is these 7-round 1911 mags are less than 10 dollars each and are compatible with many aftermarket 1911 pistols and clones, including many Rock Island 1911 pistols.

Visit their website for more information or get in touch with them at 610-250-3960.

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