Types of Business Insurance to go for

Choosing the right type of business insurance is as important as deciding on buying one. Finding the appropriate broker, policy and coverages becomes a necessary step towards attaining the goal of complete and efficient protection of your business.

Knowing the different types of business insurances that are available in Calgary can help you make a good decision. Gaining sufficient knowledge and information on insurances makes your process of selecting the best-fit business insurance smooth and credible.

Here’s a list of the different types of business insurances available in Calgary:

– Commercial Property

– Commercial General Liability

– Professional Liability

– Business Income Insurance

– Product Liability

– Directors and Officers Liability

– Cyber Liability

– Commercial Auto

– Property and Liability Insurance

– Business Interruption

– Equipment Breakdown

– Home-Based Business

– Commercial Vehicle

– Retail Operations Insurance

– Business Owners Policy (BOP)

– Fleet

– Group Benefits

These types can depend on the type of business your company does. For instance, if you are into delivering professional advice or other professional services, you will need professional liability insurance.

Some other types of business insurances:

– Workers compensation insurance

– Personal or loss of income insurance

– Stock, products and asset insurance

– Accident and liability insurance

– Technology and cybercrime insurance

– Insurance in your state or territory

These various types of business insurances can be taken up by varying businesses. Often businesses opt for more than one business insurance, or a comprehensive insurance coverage.

To be more specific, one must look into the industries for which such insurances are suitable. Here’s a list of some (of the many) industries for which business insurances are available in Calgary:

– Auto Dealerships

– Aircraft and Aviation

– Concrete and Industrial

– Oil and Gas

– Hospitality and Special Events

– Information Technology

– Manufacturers

– Non-Profit

– Real Estate and Property Management

– Sports and Leisure

– Retail

– Construction

– Trucking and Transport

In addition to these, trustworthy and reputed business insurance brokers in Calgary can customize their offerings for your business. Needs-specific, industry-suited and business-specific insurances are delivered with quick turnarounds and reliable terms.

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