Types of houses in Discovery Ridge Calgary

If you have made up your mind to buy one of the Discovery Ridge houses for sale in Calgary, the next step is to determine what type of house it will be.

There are various types of houses in Canada. This article will focus on the multiple housing options in Discovery Ridge and some tips to make the choice easy for you.

Housing options in Calgary can be majorly categorized as below:

● Attached houses
● Detached houses
● Apartments
● Infills

Detached properties:
Detached properties are most suited for a single-family. They do not share a wall with any other property and have empty space surrounding the construction. The owners of detached properties need to bear all the workload and maintenance costs associated with the house. Workload may include mowing the lawn, maintaining the yard, etc.

Attached properties:
Buying an attached property means your house will share a wall with a neighbor. There are different types of attached properties such as duplex, townhouse, rowhouse, etc. These can either be freehold properties or those with a condo fee.

Apartments are individual units that are a part of a high-rise or a low-rise building with multiple similar units. There are different owners for each unit and they need to share the common areas with the other apartments. Owners also need to pay a condo fee for the maintenance of common areas.

An infill is a modern-looking home that is situated in one of the old communities. It may be either attached or detached. It means that the older structure was demolished and a new house was built on the old lot.

As the name suggests, properties with a huge area are usually termed acreages. They are detached properties that are located on private land. The total area is equal to or higher than an acre. That means you will get a lot of fun time, gardening and growing your fresh produce.

Apart from the type of house, you can choose a house based on some important features mentioned below:

Type of Garage:
Most houses in Calgary have 2-vehicle garages. If you choose to live in apartments, townhouses, or row houses, you can get underground or surface parking. Attached garages are more sought after as compared to detached ones. These are usually in front of the property.

Detached properties with attached garages are the most popular among Discovery Ridge houses for sale in Calgary. This is because they are larger as compared to those with detached garages. This makes them more expensive. On the other hand, detached property with a detached garage is typically smaller and less costly.

If you want to save further on money, you can buy a house without a garage. However, you will have to park outside the house. These houses also offer you more space for a garden.

Type of basement:
When choosing among the Discovery ridge houses for sale in Calgary, you can choose based on your requirement of the basement. Houses in Calgary either have a walkout basement or a full basement

A Walkout Basement features a wall with windows and doors. It is situated on the ground level. When you look at it, it is quite similar to the main level of the home with similarly large windows, an abundance of light, and a door opening towards the backyard.
Some of these basements may also feature a kitchen.

Full basements are darker than walkout basements and feature smaller windows and no doors.

Bottom line
It may seem overwhelming to choose the right house among so many available options of Discovery Ridge Houses for Sale Calgary. An experienced builder can help you make the right choice based on the size of your family and your requirements. RareBuilt Homes Ltd is one of the expert builders in Discovery Ridge Calgary. You can contact them to see a variety of options and choose one that suits you the most.

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