Understanding Disposable Vape Pens

The use of pod vaporizers with salt nic e-liquid has had a huge impact on the vape industry as a whole. While vaping has always been all about innovation and new products, pod vapes almost completely reinvented the vaporizer by making them more compact and discreet to use. This has led to more and more traditional vapers and smokers making the switch to pod systems. Over the last year or two, many pod vaping fans have made the transition from using devices with replaceable pods to using disposable vape pens. These compact little vapes have exploded in popularity due to the fact that they are convenient and available in a wide range of flavors.

Disposable vapes, as their name suggests, are single use vaporizers. Each of these devices contain a built in e-liquid reservoir and a built in pre charged battery. Like many simple pod devices, disposables tend to be draw activated with few additional bells and whistles. Each device is designed to produce a certain number of puffs before running out of e-liquid. When this finally happens, all vapers have to do is dispose of their current disposable and pick up a fresh one. There are no refilling ports or charging ports on these devices so they cannot be reused.

One of the biggest reasons why disposable vape pens have become so popular is the fact that they can be sold in a variety of flavors. Due to restrictions put in place by the government, pre filled vape pods in the US can only be sold in traditional flavors like tobacco and menthol. Fruit and dessert flavored pods can no longer be sold in store. Disposable vapes are an exception to this ban, as they do not count as a pre-filled pod device in the language of the ban. For this reason, many companies have started manufacturing disposables in order to offer vapers devices with the flavors that they miss from their old pod devices.

Another reason that these vapes have become so popular is convenience. Refilling or rebuilding atomizers and recharging batteries are the most common vaporizer maintenance tasks. Making the switch to disposable e cigs is a great way to cut down on maintenance while still being able to enjoy a wide range of flavor options. Every device is sold ready to vape so all vapers have to do in unpackage their new device and start puffing.

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