Ways on How To Extend Your Glass Pipe’s Longevity

If you’re the kind of smoker who wants a clean, smooth, and quick-hit, you’re probably that smoker who frequently uses a glass pipe. Glass pipes are a great tool for every seasoned smoker and are usually a smoker’s favorite item more than any other paraphernalia. Possibly, if you’re not too keen on handling them carefully, you’re also most likely one of those who keep on looking for new glass pipes for sale near you.

One of the many things you should consider when owning a glass pipe for the first time is its maintenance. There’s not much though, you just have to handle it carefully, clean it thoroughly then store it properly. It’s made of glass, after all, so you can expect them to be fragile. However, glass pipes come with a high cost especially if you’re looking to own a new bong. You can probably choose a more affordable one which is called hand pipes but then you’re not going to smoke as much compared to when you’re using a bong. Below are some tips on what to do when it comes to glass pipe maintenance.

Clean as You Go
Think of it as your dinner plate. You’re going to want to clean your dinner plate every after use, correct? Otherwise, you’ll be eating off of a plate with spoiled food residue if you won’t, that’s just unsanitary. It’s also the same when using and cleaning your glass pipe. Once used, you’ll see a serving of ash in the bowl of you’re pipe which is a bummer if you accidentally inhale it. Also, if you don’t clean your glass pipe thoroughly after use, you’ll start to notice some resin build-up in your pipe which can create harmful fumes once you use the pipe without cleaning it first. Just by cleaning your glass pipe regularly and thoroughly, you’ll be able to smoke out of it smoothly since you were able to clear the sides and the overall pathway of the smoke. Do not poke the insides with a sharp tool though as this could create dents and scratches which will totally ruin the look of your expensive glass pipe.

Fragile: Handle Carefully
Like any other kind of glass material, your glass pipe is fragile and could easily break if not made with really tough materials. The longevity of your glass pipe also depends on how you handle it properly. When transporting from one place to another, you have to keep in mind that you have a fragile material with you, so try not to place it in a haphazard manner. When smoking, try not to get drunk at the same time, since there’s a possibility that you’ll accidentally break it.

Proper Storage
Having an appropriate and proper glass pipe storage only shows how meticulous you are as a smoker. Of course, smoking is a way of life if you’ve been doing it for a very long time now. It’s already a part of your existence and functionality as a person. It’ll be a shame if you still have no idea how to store a glass pipe properly after months or years of using the paraphernalia to smoke out of. Keep it in a bag or have one customized with compartments intended for your glass pipe and herbs.

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