What Airsoft Players Love about Umbrella Armory

If you get really into airsoft and start learning more about the most popular AEGs and GBBs in the game, it won’t be long before you start discovering (or rediscovering) Elite Force, VFC Avalon, Lancer Tactical, G&G, and others. These producers make some of the most coveted airsoft rifles and pistols in the game.

But there’s something slightly different about Umbrella Armory. If you go on their website, you’ll start seeing brands like VFC and G&G. Is it a collab?

Not quite – instead, Umbrella Armory produces custom builds, upgrades and offers premium parts. They take good airsoft platforms and make them great.

From Humble Beginnings…
Umbrella Armory started out in the early 2000’s in a garage. The company’s founder spent his spare time experimenting with an M4 replica, upgrading it, and refining its performance, before graduating to tackle his friends’ projects.

The rest, as they say, is history, and Umbrella Armory was born.

Custom Airsoft Upgrades
Today, Umbrella Armory produces a wide range of custom builds for many different popular airsoft platforms, including some of their own, like OCAW and Krytac. Their purpose has been to deliver airsoft guns that shoot farther, faster, and more accurately than the competition, and they have succeeded with flying colors.

If you’re looking for a new AEG for the airsoft field, don’t just make a snap purchase. Even if your heart is set on a G&G CM16 Raider or a VFC MK18, don’t just buy “stock.” Get a thoroughly revamped, custom build from Umbrella Armory!

Support and Repairs
Another great thing about Umbrella Armory is that they offer support and repairs. Just like a sports car, airsoft guns need a little tuning or TLC from time to time in order to provide peak performance. Umbrella Armory doesn’t just sell the goods – they service them.

Plus, they also offer a wide range of parts for upgrades. If you’re interested in making your current platform the best it can be but enjoy the process, Umbrella Armory makes it possible for you to do so yourself.

It’s about the Experience
It’s about your experience, but it’s also about the experience of the people behind the scenes. Who else could develop a truly customized machine of an AEG but the people that walk the walk and don’t just talk the talk.

Umbrella Armory’s consists of a tight-knit group of hardcore airsoft players with years of experience. Collectively, they combine many years of experience – and passion – for serious airsoft engagements.

Then they take those insights and they focus them on developing airsoft guns that are tougher, faster, and better.

Want to Learn More? Visit MiR Tactical
Looking for airsoft guns that have been customized by Umbrella Armory, or just UA parts that you can use to make your own upgrades? Check out MiR Tactical over at MiRTactical.com. Their collection of parts and accessories for upgrades and customization are comprehensive as their catalog of airsoft guns – let’s just say it’s big.

They also offer excellent prices and low-flat rate shipping while delivering top-tier customer service. Visit them at the website above or get in touch with them at 800-581-6620.

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