What Are Some of the Best Cake Decorating Supplies?

The cake decorating process is the most fun part of the baking experience for many since it allows them to exercise their creativity and play around with their materials in a way that they cannot with their baking since that needs to be executed a certain way. Cake decorating can be a lot of fun and is especially enjoyable when you have lots of materials and ingredients that you like working with when adding color and design to your baked goods. When creating your perfect supply of decorations, you want to find the best cake decorating supplies that will help you to fulfill a variety of orders for different customers and occasions. You could probably describe the best cake decorating supplies as being the materials that provide you with the most versatility and use. This means you should purchase the wholesale bakery supplies that you will get the most use out of and can be used in lots of ways. Here are the main decorating supplies that come to mind.

Colored Fondant
Fondant is a highly versatile material that also gets requested often, making it one of the best cake decorating supplies you could have on hand steadily. Fondant gets used to cover cakes to create a smooth base on top of which you can add further decoration. It is usually used as an alternative to traditional buttercream frostings. It is a flexible, moldable material that you can shape into different forms and use as cake decoration as well. Both of these uses are great for very different reasons and provide you with options to create great cake designs. We would recommend you stick to buying colored fondant for the most part because dyeing fondant by hand can be a challenging, labor-intensive task that requires some upper body strength.

Rainbow Sprinkles
You might not have expected it, but one of the best cake decorating supplies of all time just might be rainbow sprinkles. The sugary little candy pellets are used to decorate anything from a vanilla ice cream cone to a multi-tiered birthday cake. Sprinkles are an old-fashioned standby in the baking industry because of how popular they are for different cakes. As strange as it might seem that something so simple becomes a classic cake decorating ingredient, it is absolutely true. Multi-colored sprinkles are great for quickly and easily decorating cakes and cupcakes meant for more family-friendly events like children’s birthday parties. If you have not made this a practice of yours already, coat the sides of a cake with sprinkles by gently patting them on by hand. You can use any colors you want, but rainbow sprinkles feel universal.

Candy Melts
Candy wafers, also known as candy melts are incredibly versatile decorating ingredients that allow you to do a lot of different things with them. Once they are melted down, your options are limitless. Use your melted down candy wafers to coat cake pops, petit fours, and other sweet treats. You can also use them more sparingly as candy stripes over your cakes. They are available in all kinds of colors and are easy to dye, so any color you can imagine is within reach. All of these traits make candy melts another one of the best cake decorating supplies that we can easily recommend.

You can consider any one of these ingredients to be some of the best options for decorating products in your bakery. Any or all of them make a great contribution to your kitchen by helping you to cover lots of different cakes for any occasion. Just look for high-quality options from great brands like the ones at stovercompany.com which sells wholesale baking supplies from trusted brands.

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