What Is the Appeal of Limited Edition Cigars For Sale?

It seems like a pretty fair question. But the more complete version of the title question is: What is the appeal of limited edition cigars for sale and why do people get so worked up over them? We are not being sarcastic in any way either. This is just something that some people ask themselves from time to time but never manage to get a proper answer on. Limited edition cigars are, as you might have assumed, very temporary. They are only around for a short amount of time before the company stops making and selling them. After that point, they only hang around for a little bit longer until the very last of its kind is finished. If these limited edition cigars for sale are coming out from big, reputable brands, then we can assume the quality is there. But if they are gone so quickly, then what is there to be gained? After mulling over this question for a bit, cigar in hand, this is what we came up with as the reasons what limited edition cigars have to offer and why we might want to buy them.

They Mark An Event
Often we will see limited edition cigars come out to celebrate a special occasion for a company. We see lots of anniversary launches come out to celebrate the long run of these older, established brands that may have decades in the industry or younger brands hitting their first big milestones. It makes sense that companies would do this on their end. As for the consumers, it really does too. People who become fiercely brand loyal appreciate events like these and are happy to say that they remember when certain things happened. It’s a good time for all involved.

They Are Fun While They Last
Nothing lasts forever. We know this, yet we still seem to fight it tooth and nail far too often. Although many brands have cigar lines that seem to go on and on, not all last as long. Brands are able to discontinue products whenever they feel the need to do so. Even a “permanent” product can be gone at some point. All you can do is enjoy your cigars for as long as they last and find something new once they are gone.

When They’re Good, They’re Good
A good cigar is a good cigar. If it is one meant to last for years or one still available until the end of next month. You can’t have everything, but you can have something good when it is right in front of you. Although it might be annoying to like a cigar and know its time is limited, you have to ask yourself if that really matters. Enjoy it while you can and when you can’t, that’s alright too.

While these are the reasons we came up with, you should keep in mind that everyone will have their own reasons for wanting to buy limited edition cigars for sale. It might not be that people all justify their purchases with one of the points listed above. People can come to their own conclusions about what they would like to buy and what is worth it to them and that is perfectly fair. If people enjoy looking at limited edition cigars for sale, then let them be. You do not need to have a super detailed explanation for what you like. Just enjoy yourself and enjoy that smoke. Next time you are on the market for some high-quality cigars or are curious about the latest limited edition cigar release, check out Rocky’s Cigars. They probably have what you are looking for, permanent or limited edition.

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