What is the Significance of Clergy Stoles?

I’m sure if you have ever graced a church or attended any kind of church service with your family, friends, or neighbors, you are sure to have witnessed the members of the clergy up at the front of the altar. Most church sermons are beautifully accompanied by a church choir, who lead the congregation in song and prayer.

Like any other occupation or job position, it is usually custom to wear a sort of work uniform. The same goes for every member of the church, including the church choir. The choir isn’t usually singing in their street clothes. The members of the choir are typically wearing some sort of robe or church clothing to represent themselves as members of the choir.

This goes the same for the members of clergy. While attending church, you rarely ever see the preachers, pastors, or anyone else that helps out with the service in their street clothing. These people are also wearing special clothing that is significant to the church and their position within it.

Each piece of clothing that is worn by the members of the choir and the church are significant and have religious meaning. This all depends on the certain positions a person holds in the church. Like any other type of work place, some people hold more responsibility or have different roles within the church that would signify what they wear at each church service.

With each church garment and dress, there are many different components that make up the entire ensemble. Like mentioned above, each piece holds different religious significance. Depending on the position of the person, each member might have to adorn their church garments with something different. For some members of the clergy, they are required to wear clergy stoles as a part of their church outfit.

What are Clergy Stoles?

A clergy stole is similarly looking to that of a scarf. It’s a thick and wide piece of fabric that is draped around the neck of whoever is wearing it. The stole lays over top the entire garment or robe. They are often very long and can reach past the knees. A clergy stole can also be very brightly colored or adorned with certain patterns or stamped with a cross.

In some churches, a clergy stole is most often seen worn as a symbol of ordination. Some are gifted to the members of clergy as a sign of love from the ordination or as a symbol of life accomplishments. As it may seem, a clergy stole has a lot of significance in the church and is worn proudly by whoever has it draped around their neck.

Where to Find Clergy Stoles

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