What Makes Sulfate-Free Surfactants Popular

The use of plant-derived products like sulfate-free shampoos has become all the rage for quite some time now. While there are still existing products that use potentially harmful chemicals on some convenient store shelves these days, the presence of ingredients that are milder in cosmetics and hair care products is constantly sought after by those who still choose a safer alternative.

Fade in, decyl glucoside.

See below on why should we use it and which surfactants are should best be avoided when caring for our hair.

Rich Foaming Properties
Scalp irritation caused by store-bought shampoos could escalate into a far worse scalp problem. The sulfates in those products could trigger skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis lead by dry scalp. Consequently, people have been looking for plant-based sulfate-free surfactant solutions such as decyl glucoside. Amazingly, this surfactant has the ability to form generous foam without the presence of any sulfates. It is more gentle on your scalp and it cleanses your hair from gunk and dirt without stripping off its natural oils and moisture, leaving you with healthier scalp and good-looking hair.

Other Surfactants
Sulfates in store-bought shampoos do a very good job at stripping our hair off of dirt and oil. In fact, they are too effective that they would strip off even our natural oils and moisture leaving us with dry and unhealthy hair. Shampoo manufacturing companies would use sulfates to encourage people to use their products that could go a long way. You see, the foaming action caused by this surfactant could mean that a teeny tiny drop, when mixed with water is enough to clean your hair. Eventually, with the absence of our natural oils and moisture, a noticeable scalp irritation we call dandruff can occur.

What to Avoid
Be that as it may, excess of everything is bad. Therefore, over-cleansing the hair and scalp, even with the use of decyl glucoside is still not advisable. This ingredient is still a cleaning agent and thus effective at cleaning your hair with the use of recommended amount. Unlike usual store-bought shampoos, this ingredient is not stripping, despite that, over-cleansing your hair using this ingredient could still trigger scalp irritations and dryness of hair. Appropriately, use it only as suggested, and then rinse the hair completely until no product remains on the hair.

Decyl glucoside is used as a primary or co-surfactant, it is 100% biodegradable and is highly effective at removing buildup. It is safe for virtually all hair types you can think of. This is the proper lasting solution for hair cleansing without the harmful effects of sulfates or parabens. If you’re into handcrafted hair care products, you may purchase this product from Make Your Own Buzz and mix it with VCO so you’ll have the most natural Coconut Shampoo.

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