What Makes the ROM IV the Best Reverse Osmosis Water Filter

When it comes to home filtration systems, reverse osmosis water filters offer the best possible results on the market. This is because the mechanism used by these filters is much more powerful than your average carbon media based filtration system. Today we will be looking at what makes reverse osmosis so effective and highlighting the Everpure ROM IV, one of the best reverse osmosis water filters for home use.

Reverse osmosis is an extremely effective form of filtration. While not as simple as your standard carbon media filtration, the output from an RO filter will be significantly more pure than your average water filter. Most home filtration options work on the simple principle of pushing water through a fine activated carbon filtration media. This media has a high surface area that helps to capture tiny particles suspended in the water. Even an extremely efficient carbon based filtration system can only remove particles as large as half a micron or so in size. To provide a sense of scale, that is roughly 100 times smaller than the width of a strand of hair.

Unlike carbon media filters, reverse osmosis filtration relies on a process known as osmosis. Osmosis defines how water moves through a semipermeable membrane in order to achieve balance between the total amount of dissolved solids on each side of the membrane. For example, if fresh and saltwater are placed on either side of an RO membrane, the freshwater will flow through the membrane and try to dilute the saltwater. Eventually this process will stop due to the osmotic pressure limiting how much water the saltwater side can absorb before its weight pushes water back to the freshwater side.

If you want to understand how reverse osmosis works, imagine pressurizing the saltwater side in this example. Water will move towards the freshwater side until all that is left is a small amount of very salty water and nearly twice the volume of freshwater. This is the basics of how an RO system works. When it comes to practicality, RO systems tend to be larger due to the fact that water needs to be filtered prior to encountering the delicate RO membrane.

The Everpure ROM IV is one of the best reverse osmosis water filters for homes. It is designed to mount underneath your kitchen sink and includes three stages of filtration. First a carbon media filter helps to remove large particles and chlorine that can damage the RO membrane. After this, water is filtered through the RO membrane and then it is finally filtered through an ultrafine carbon block filter to help remove any volatile organic compounds that made it through the RO membrane. This process helps ensure that your filtered water is as clean as possible.

Because the RO process takes time, the ROM IV comes with a convenient 4.5 gallon storage tank. This tank is designed to hold a reservoir of RO filtered water on hand so you never have to worry about waiting on your filter system when you need drinking water. This water is dispensed using a small dedicated faucet so you can continue to use your kitchen sink like you always have.

If you want to find the best reverse osmosis water filter for your home, you can find the Everpure ROM IV for sale at www.efilters.net. The efilters team is dedicated to helping homeowners find the best drinking water filtration systems for their homes. If you have any questions about reverse osmosis filters or water filtration in general, feel free to visit their website and reach out to a member of their team.

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