What Should Come with an AR15 Lower Parts Kit

Thinking of completing your own build of an AR15 or another sporting rifle? You’ve probably been researching the build kits that are associated with them. Like any other firearm, you’ll need a complete parts kit if you want to complete a custom build, but the way AR15s and some other sporters are constructed is different from many other types of firearms. Nonetheless, with a little bit of background information, you should be able to learn most of what you need to complete a custom build.

One of the ways to complete an AR15 build is with a complete parts kit, which contains both the upper assembly as well as the lower and associated parts. Some tinkers and hobbyists prefer to do it separately with an upper kit paired with an AR15 lower parts kit.

AR15s and some other sporting rifles are broken into two larger assemblies, known as uppers and lowers. The lower assembly of an AR15 contains critical components like the fire selecter and the trigger, as well as the disconnector. It is also stamped with the serial number, which makes the lower the official part that the ATF considers a firearm.

If you’re looking for an AR15 lower parts kit, it should contain the following parts, if not others:

● Grips and hardware
● Bolt catch and associated hardware
● Trigger and trigger guard
● The hammer, pins and springs
● Disconnectors
● Pivot pins and detents
● Fire selector and detents
● The mag catch and button

With these parts that come with AR15 lower parts kits, you can get started making your own AR15. You’ll need an upper kit, a stock assembly, and some other odds and ends, along with any other parts or attachments that you’ll want to include with the finished rifle that don’t come as a part of other kits.

It’s important to note, as well, that to complete the build, you’ll want to pair it with a stock assembly, which may or may not come with the lower kit. Otherwise, you won’t have a stock to pair with your new rifle, despite the fact that most lower kits come with pistol grips.

With the right research and perhaps the guidance of an experienced gunsmith, you can customize your very own sporting rifle for use in competitions, for hunting, or even just for fun at the range. When you make your own build, you get a lot thrown into the bargain that you might not get with a factory model.

● Enjoy time spent working on the rifle: If you enjoy working with your hands, you’ll love working on a rifle platform that you built from scratch.

● Learn more about the operability of the platform: Firearms, specifically modular, semi-automatic firearms like sporting rifles, have a lot of small moving parts. Getting a build kit and making one will teach you a lot about how they work.

● Customize the rifle to your specifics: Do you want to use a match-grade barrel in the build? Would you rather have an M-LOK handguard instead of a Picatinny quad rail? Not a fan of your rifle’s current grip and stock combo? All of these things can be altered with a new project and a build kit.

● Tailor the performance very finely: While you’re building the rifle, you can swap out parts like the trigger assembly and the bolt carrier group for finer, more precise performance. For example, switching to a new bolt carrier group with better permanent dry lubricity will cut cycling time, keep the action cleaner, and cycle more smoothly as well.

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