What Styles of Clergy Shirts Are For Me?

When picking out some new clergy shirts, it’s so easy to assume that there is really only one option available. A black long sleeved clerical shirt with a white collar tab is pretty traditional and a great option to be honest. But it is not the only one out there for members of the clergy to wear while they contribute to the faith in the best ways they can. While you are not there to steal the show of course, there is no reason for you to not feel comfortable and content in your clothing. For whichever position in the church you hold, you can have high quality, season-appropriate clothing that will last. Since you have much more important things on your mind, we’ve broken down the two main styles of clergy shirts you may want for yourself and your fellow church figures.

Simple & Clean
There is absolutely nothing wrong with simplicity done right. In fact, it’s easy to see why some people prefer it. It is hard to go wrong with a simple, but well-executed and well-made garment that does what it is supposed to do. For many, this is a personal preference while for others it is a decision made from faith. For both groups of people, there is no way around quality at reasonable prices. That is why it is so great to see basic styles of clergy shirts in a variety of colors and sizes. You can even buy a pack of four banded collar or tab collar shirts in whichever color(s) you want at a discounted price. If you are looking for rabat style shirts in particular, you can find those easily as well. Of course, women also have options here for traditional tab collar clergy shirts or short sleeved rabat shirts for the summer months. Wanting something simple does not mean having to settle for anything.

Detailed & Elegant
While some opt for simplicity in their clerical wear, others allow themselves more flexibility in their garments. Some keep their options open for more decorated, stylized garments that feature additional details. One example is this elegant banded collar shirt with gold embroidery over black fabric. It is a fairly modest, but still beautiful touch to this ordinarily plain shirt. Another, more elaborate design is this stunning damascene patterned shirt with french cuff sleeve and cross cufflink. One shirt that sits between simple and detailed is this satin clergy shirt which is otherwise plain but for the finish and feel of the fabric.

As you practice and share the faith with others, you will want just the right clergy shirts to convey the message you want to bring into the public. Whether you need a particular color or a particular design, you have the freedom to practice as you please and to represent yourself proudly as a person of faith. You can find all of these designs for clergy shirts and more at Divinity Clergy Wear, where they offer a wide selection of clerical garments and accessories.

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