What To Do After You Have Sold Your House

Selling your house is certainly a very successful move you have completed. However, once the house is sold, what you must do next can feel overwhelming and daunting. Truly speaking, only after the buyer agrees for the sale price and signs the contract, the legal process involved in the sale begins. Working with a conveyancer Sydney can help take your worries off your mind and get the much needed assistance with every step of home selling in a hand held fashion. Here are the things you must do after selling your house.

Make settlements digitally to make things easier

Conveyancing legally transfers the ownership of the property to the buyer from the seller. Therefore, it is a vital component of every sale. Digital conveyancing has made things extremely easier and hence settling the property is easier than ever now. When you have signed and exchanged the contract, the property sale is deemed officially legal.

In addition to the contract of sale, there are a few other documents to be prepared for settlement like transfer and notification of sale form. If you are borrowing money, you must also prepare the loan documents.

Pay off your mortgage

If you sell your property when the mortgage is still active, you must advise the financial institution before the settlement happens. Known as ‘Discharge of Mortgage’, this application can take a few weeks to process depending on the lender. As soon as the property is sold, tell the lending institution or the mortgage broker about the settlement day.

If you are selling for more value than what you actually owe, you can expect to pay off the mortgage and have some extra money in hand to run the settlement smoothly.

If you find that the sale price does not cover the outstanding balance of the home loan, you must first ensure to access the available funds to pay out the mortgage in full before preparing for the settlement day.

Take away

Whether you have sold your investment property or the home where you lived for some time, selling your home can be a bitter as well as a sweet moment at the same time. When you look back and contemplate on the memories of your association with your property, the thought of parting with it can make you feel sad. At the same time, you move out with lot of expectations about the life ahead of you, which can fill you with a lot of excitement.

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