What To Expect From Auto-Detailing Services

Owning a vehicle is not only a matter of pride and convenience, it also comes with a certain amount a responsibility. Caring for your vehicle in the right way can extend its life, retain its great looks for long years and assure you a seamless performance. While you can think of different kinds of car care services, auto-detailing services calls for a clear understanding of what it is. Here is what you can expect from a professionally company when you give your car for auto-detailing services.

What is car detailing service?
High quality car detailing service is the task of giving a thorough cleaning to your car and restoring its near new looks. A car detailing service is a highly labor intensive procedure and calls for more precise tasks to be accomplished on your vehicle. Auto detailing services is quite different from the regular car cleaning services that focuses on just cleaning the exteriors usually with the use of a machine. A car detailing service on the other hand is done manually and includes a thorough cleaning of the exterior as well as interior of your car.

Components of auto-detailing services
Professional car detailing is always done by experienced car detailer who has the right techniques, processes and high quality products to support his job. The different components of a car detailing service can include the following tasks.

Cleaning car exteriors
To start with, washing and drying of the car exteriors is done by hand. The detailer uses special kind of products to spray on the car and wipe the body. The rims, handles and glasses are hand washed.

The process of paint claying is intended to remove overspray, contaminants, and residue that might have been left on the car during the cleaning process. Claying bestows a smooth appearance and makes the polish and wax look effective.

Following this, the detailer polishes, seals and waxes the car exteriors. During this process, small scratches disappear and the car attains a glossy shine. The other kinds of car exterior services include trim repainting, headlight polishing, bumper repair, paint touch up, engine detailing, and glass chip repair.

Cleaning the car interiors
The next focus is on cleaning the car interiors. This process involves vacuuming the carpets, seats, mats, rear cargo area, trunk and headliner to clear any debris. Scrubbing and brushing is then attempted to remove any stains on the mats and floor carpets. The tough stains on the seats and carpets are removed with steam cleaning. The process is neatly finished with glass cleaning, leather trimming and perfuming.

Other aspects of car detailing services
There could be other detailing services offered in addition to the ones described above including paint correction, ceramic coating and PPF. Paint correction removes any flaws seen in the paint work such as oxidation or dull paint. To this end, rotary machine polisher is usually used. Ceramic coating applies liquid polymer to the car exteriors to leave a protective coating to protect the car paint. PPF is the application of polyurethane film to protect the car paint from weather elements, UV light, rock chips and small scratches.

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