What to Know About Recessed Light Bulbs

If you’re thinking about switching up the lighting in your home, there are a few options out there to consider. There are multiple factors that come into play when choosing new lighting for your home, whether it’s just for a singular room or even the entire house.

The options for lights and light fixtures are pretty high, especially for residential homes. You can get creative and go for funky, trendy new lighting fixtures, or go the traditional route. All of which needs to be decided before going out on your search for new lighting, because being unsure will only drag the process out.

If you are looking for a new type of lighting to replace your outdated ones at home, it may be a good idea to look into recessed light bulbs.

What is Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting or light bulbs are installed directly into the ceiling in any room of your home. They are made up of three main components, the housing, the trim, and the actual bulb.

Housing – This is the bulk of what is installed inside the ceiling. It is not visible since it is tucked away underneath the trim and bulb, so the light on your ceiling appears flat. This also contains all the electrical wiring that is hooked up to the other wiring in your walls.

Trim – This is the decorative part of the recessed light and is visible on the ceiling. The trim can come with baffles, shades, or reflectors.

Bulb – The bulb is quite self-explanatory since it’s the actual light bulb.

These types of light fixtures are very versatile and can be used for a few different functions. Depending on the room you need recessed lighting in, can depend on the actual amount of light you need. If you need more light for your kitchen or living room, you probably want to opt for what’s called a downlight.

If you want a light that is more recessed and not as bright, you’ll have to opt for something different. When it comes to recessed lighting, it’s all about personal preference. That is what’s so great about this kind of lighting because you can customize it to fit your home.

Another big component of recessed light bulbs is what actual kind of light bulb to install into the fixture. You can go for the traditional incandescent light bulb or go with the newly popular choice of LED bulbs.

Again, this is all about personal preference. If you are familiar with using a certain type of lightbulb, go for it! Since you’re changing up lighting in your home, maybe you should also be changing the lightbulbs.

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