What to Look for in a Vape Wholesale Distributor

If you run a vape shop, then you always need to make sure you have the products that your customers need. This means that your success is directly tied to the options available from your vape wholesale distributor. When it comes to choosing where to purchase wholesale vape supplies, it is crucial that you make sure you are working with the right business. Today we will be looking at a few factors to consider before placing an order with a wholesale distributor.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a vape wholesale distributor is location. Almost all vape hardware is manufactured overseas, which leads to a huge wholesale market. Dealing with overseas wholesalers often seems appealing due to the low upfront cost, but these deals often come with headaches. The best deals are only for anyone who can afford to buy more than most vape shops would be able to handle. In addition, issues like high shipping costs, shipping times, and minimum order quantities are all common when ordering wholesale products from overseas.

Domestic wholesale manufacturers take care of all of these headaches of ordering products from overseas and still offer great deals. Not only can you expect affordable prices and shipping rates from domestic vape wholesalers, but you can also reach these businesses easily during your business hours so you are not left waiting on the answers you need.

The next thing you need to look at is selection. If you are looking to get all of your vape products from one location, they need to have all of the products your customers need without being stagnant. The vape industry is constantly changing, with new vapor products like pod systems and disposable devices emerging on the market often. Good wholesalers will have both the products you know you need and the latest products that you want to offer in your shop.

Additional Options
Another good thing to look for is wholesalers that offer more than just vape products. One of the best ways to bring in more customers to your shop is to offer smoking and concentrate vaping products in your shop. Products such as rolling papers, herb grinders, glass pipes, and herb vaporizers are all great items to carry in your shop to increase sales. It’s also important to keep vape pen batteries in stock, as they are a popular accessory to powering oil concentrate vape tanks.

Another big thing to consider is MOQs aka minimum order quantities. These restrictions can leave you having to buy a case of an item that you only wanted a few of. This leaves capital tied up in products that might take a while to sell. It also makes it difficult to try out new products due to the level of commitment needed to order them. Wholesalers without MOQs give businesses a lot more flexibility. You can order exactly what you need at a low price and you can typically still get even better deals when you buy in bulk.

If you are looking for a great vape wholesale distributor, you need to check out Kingdom Vapor. Based out of Butler, Pennsylvania, they have been offering wholesale deals on vaporizer products since 2012. Over that time, their team have become experts on the vape market, ensuring that they always have great products in stock. You can order vape shop and a selection of smoke shop products from them with no minimum order quantities. To get started, visit www.kingdomvapor.com and create an account to view their wholesale prices.

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