What to Look for in an RV Roof Tape?

If the thought of sealing your RV’s roof overwhelms you, you’d be happy to know that an RV roof tape is simple to use.

A roof tape is a sealant tape that can be applied to repair cracks, seams, joints, and other roofing issues that cause leaks. It works like a conventional tape and has a peel-and-stick application that makes repairs and covering uneven areas simple. The stretchy material provides the malleability needed to withstand an RV’s movement.

But what makes a good roof tape? This post will help you choose roof tapes that are perfect for your needs.

Bonds to different surfaces
The ability to adhere to different kinds of surfaces boosts the value of an RV roof tape. A high-quality roof tape, for example, will be able to provide a lasting bond to rubber EPDM, rubber TPO, fiberglass, and aluminum roofs, as well as a variety of other materials.

Roof tape should also be able to provide a strong adhesive to metal roofs, which are common on RVs.

Excellent waterproof sealing
You’ll want a durable roof tape that provides a waterproof seal. Remember that the primary purpose of roof tape is to prevent leaks, so make sure it provides a watertight finish and offers a seal comparable to a professional-grade seal.

Without these properties, water may still get in through your roof and will lead to paint peeling and corrosion of structural frames and reinforcements. Excellent waterproofing and sealing properties prevent early deterioration of your roof.

Heat and cold resistant
Because the country’s climate varies so much, finding a roofing tape that can be used in both hot and cold situations is equally useful. Sealants become brittle and less effective in cold temperatures, so choose a model that works well in a wide range of temperatures.

UV resistant
Your roof tape must be waterproof when it is raining and when it isn’t, it should also be UV-stable. Look for roof tape that is UV resistant.

UV-resistant seals do not degrade under sunlight. It improves the roof’s UV protection to combat damaging solar rays and reduces the contraction and expansion of roof materials that may lead to premature membrane roof damages.

Ease of Application
If you’re not a regular DIYer and this is going to be your first time using a tape sealant, choose a beginner-friendly type of tape. Beginner-friendly tapes will be simple to apply and offer clear directions on how to use them.

Final Tips
A good RV sealing tape will last for a long time. When correctly put, a good waterproof and UV-proof tape can be a cost-effective long-term solution for your leak repair and other RV roof issues.

Make sure you know your RV roof’s materials before you purchase one and be sure to clean the surface before you apply the tape.

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