What’s The Best RoMa Craft Cigar?

If you’ve been smoking cigars for many years you’re probably accustomed to a certain flavor or style, so it may be difficult to find a new brand to fall in love with. However, if you are looking for a new cigar to try, we definitely recommend RoMa Craft cigars. Any cigar-smoking expert has likely already heard of RoMa Craft. They are an extremely popular brand with a ton of different options in their collection.

Roma Craft started in 2012 and for nearly a decade they’ve been producing high-quality, boutique premium cigars. They use excellent tobacco to form these handmade cigars. They are blended and crafted right in Nicaragua. The many different flavors they have available are all exquisite in their own way. There’s certainly something for everyone, but which one is best for you?

RoMa Craft Samplers
Do you consider yourself a cigar enthusiast, a cigar beginner, or somewhere in between? The answer to this question will not determine which flavor you might like, but it will determine the type of cigar or cigar package you should get. RoMa Craft has cigar samplers for those who love smoking cigars but are interested in trying a new flavor. The Roma Craft samplers available include Neanderthal, Saber Tooth, CroMagnon LE, LE Mix, and more

If you are a cigar smoker that loves a full-bodied cigar then the Neanderthal might be for you. They are one of, if not THE, strongest cigars that RoMa Craft has to offer. It has a very dark taste. It burns beautifully. It has an aroma and flavor with hints of earth, coffee, and leather. Overall, it’s a great cigar. However, it may not be the best thing for brand new cigar smokers.

Saber Tooth
The RoMa Craft Saber Tooth cigar is also full-bodied. Like all of their cigars, they are handmade in Nicaragua. This is a beautiful cigar that is wrapped elegantly in an Ecuadorian Habano Ligero wrapper with a leaf stripe spun around out. This cigar is known for its slightly spicy, smoky flavor.

Cromagnon is an absolutely amazing tobacco blend. Coming from three different regions in Nicaragua this blend is savory but at the same time a bit unique. A Maduro wrapper holds this whole thing together and creates a smoky flavor that any cigar-smoker would die for. There are so many beautiful aromas and flavors packed into one cigar. A RoMa Craft Cromagnon cigar is always a smart way to go.

LE Mix
The LE Mix is an amazing sampler and a great deal for any cigar smoker. This cigar sampler is perfect for anyone who has no idea what they want or for anyone who just wants to be able to smoke many different kinds of RoMa Craft Cigars. There are 10 different cigars that consist of a mix of Sabertooth, Cromagnon, and more.

If you’re interested in buying RoMa Craft Cigars online, the best place to look would be RockysCigars.com. They have a large selection of cigars from Roma Craft that are all out of this world. So when someone asks what the best kind of RoMa Craft cigar is, the answer will be different for every person. Some people may love a full-bodied, hardy cigar where some people might enjoy something a little lighter.

The strength of the taste and aroma will all depend on the amount of time you’ve been smoking. If you’re a newer cigar smoker stay away from anything that’s too strong. You don’t want to turn yourself off from cigar smoking just because you had a bad first experience. Regardless of your experience or preference, RoMa Craft has a cigar that will be perfect for you.. If you are the age of 21 you can get full-bodied cigars and tobacco products

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