What’s the Deal with Senior Shaft Golf Clubs?

The vast majority of golf shafts for sale are going to be available in either regular, stiff, extra-stiff, and in some cases, tour-spec extra-stiff flex ratings.

The flex rating gives an indication of how much the shaft will bend under a load, and, as a general rule, the stiffer the shaft, the better it will perform for players with faster swing speeds and tempos.

But there are other shaft flex ratings besides these, such as amateur, ladies, and senior flex ratings.

This post will cover the basics of what you need to know about senior shaft golf clubs.

Senior Shaft Golf Clubs and Flex
Here’s the bottom line with respect to senior shaft golf clubs: they are more flexible than regular flex golf shafts.

The reason for this is that senior players tend to have slower swing speeds; even if not objectively slow, as you age, your strength and flexibility tend to diminish.

Therefore, even a young player will lose speed off their swing as they get older. This can be a frustrating phenomenon as it will affect golf ball flight, as well as how far one can hit the ball.

The question, then, is why would a player with a slower swing want a shaft that’s more flexible? Let’s take a closer look at this.

Add Yards, Improve Flexibility, Curb Shot Dispersion
Stiff golf shafts tend to perform well for players with higher, faster swing speeds and swing tempos. They produce low launch and spin, helping to carry the ball further without compounding shot dispersion.

For a player with a slower swing speed, however, this condition can be highly frustrating, as it can feel as though he or she needs to swing harder, which can lead to straining, which actually increases shot dispersion.

A more flexible shaft – such as a senior shaft golf club – will load more smoothly and require less exertion from the player, improving energy transfer characteristics, which can improve ball flight, carry distance, and minimize shot dispersion.

The other thing about more flexible shafts is that they often produce higher launch and spin profiles, both of which can also positively impact carry distance.

All this, without creating too much shot dispersion or roll out once the ball hits the green – good news for players who can’t swing as hard or fast as they once could.

What Are Some Good Options in Senior Flex Shafts?
The modern market carries a wide range of excellent senior shafts, including the following:

● Fujikura Atmos Red (S)
● Project X Evenflow Red (S)
● Fujikura Speeder 65 (S)
● Aldila Next Gen NVS (S)
● Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue (S)

This list is not complete. For more information, take a look at what’s in stock at Dallas Golf Company, either online or in their shop in Dallas, Texas.

You can also work with their golf club fitters directly to find clubs that are perfect for your swing speed and style. Give them a call at 800-955–9550 to learn more.

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