Where Can I Buy Airsoft Guns and Gear? (Beginner Airsoft Guns, Used Guns, Upgrade Parts, and More)

The sport of airsoft is immensely enjoyable. It gives players tons of opportunities to learn new skills, both outdoor and tactical, learn about interesting gear and accessories, and of course, to forge relationships with like-minded individuals.

But getting started in airsoft can be just as intimidating as getting started in any new endeavor. Where can you find airsoft guns and gear? Protective equipment, parts for upgrades, and learn more about airsoft events?

Luckily, there are a bunch of helpful resources for interested airsoft players – let’s take a look at some of these.

Airsoft Guns and Gear, Including Beginner Airsoft Guns
Whether you’re just getting started looking for beginner airsoft guns or are a seasoned veteran, there is a wide range of online retailers that can outfit you with airsoft guns and gear to feed your habit.

-MiRTactical.com: MiR Tactical sells a wide range of high-quality airsoft guns for beginners and experienced players alike, from top brands such as Lancer Tactical, Tokyo Marui, KWA Airsoft, Umbrella Armory, Elite Force, and more. They also sell some top models, such as Elite Force GBB airsoft pistols and G&G Combat Machine Raiders, all at excellent prices. In addition, MiR Tactical sells a wide range of tactical gear, all offered at low prices (with a price match guarantee) as well as flat rate shipping on all orders.

-Evike.com: Evike is one of the internet’s largest suppliers of airsoft guns and gear, with everything from entry-level beginner guns to high-end airsoft rifles, AEGs, sniper rifles, and more. They also carry a huge range of airsoft parts (including Hi Capa parts) and gear.

-AirsoftAtlanta.com: Like the above retailers, Airsoft Atlanta sells a wide range of airsoft guns, parts, and accessories. They offer fast shipping and easy returns.

-AirsoftGI.com: Airsoft GI sells a huge range of airsoft guns, including electric, spring and gas models, as well as low-cost and beginner airsoft guns. They also sell officially licensed replicas, airsoft parts and accessories, tactical gear, and more.

-AirsoftStation.com: Airsoft Station, like the above suppliers, carries a huge range of airsoft guns, including high-quality, full-metal models from a wide range of brands. They also carry an encyclopedia of parts and accessories, as well as protective gear.

Airsoft Parts
Airsoft parts for upgrade and repair, as well as airsoft attachments and accessories, are in just as high demand as airsoft sniper rifles and AEGs. Whether you need a new charging handle or need to drastically improve your trigger response, you can check out the parts available at any of the above suppliers.

For Access to Events
You’ll probably want to bring your beginner airsoft gun to an event, sooner or later, and put it into play. There are several airsoft suppliers out there that also maintain calendars of events to get new players into the action.

-MiRTactical.com: In addition to beginner airsoft guns, MiR Tactical maintains a calendar of airsoft events, including MilSim events, scheduled to occur across the country. To learn more about getting started playing airsoft at one of their events, contact their customer service team at 800-581-6620.

-AirsoftC3.com: Airsoft C3 maintains a large directory of active airsoft fields in the country, as well as upcoming events. Check out their website to learn more.

-Evike.com: Evike is not simply one of the largest suppliers of airsoft guns, gear, and accessories in the country. Visit their website to learn more about the upcoming events listed, including educational clinics, airsoft competition shoots, and other events.

For More Information
Keep in mind that you can also score deals on used airsoft guns and gear from places such as Reddit’s airsoft marketplace at r/airosftmarketplace. To learn more about any of these upcoming events, please visit their websites or contact their customer service teams.

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