Where Can You Find Mauser Parts Online?

Mauser rifles have been famous for the better part of the last century for their reliability. Some Mausers produced nearly 100 years ago that have been well kept are just as serviceable today as they were the day they were created. The Mauser 1898 action, which has three locking lugs, has been called the strongest, most dependable action of all time, as there is a redundant locking lug to secure the action even if the first two lugs fail.

Nonetheless, Mausers, like all firearms, need the proper care and attention from time to time. Without it, their performance will suffer or fail entirely. While a Mauser bolt action can last over 100 years with proper care, even with care, you’ll need to replace some components with the proper Mauser parts.

For example, the extractors, which are a part of the action, will eventually fail or completely break. That makes it frustrating to cycle the action of a repeater, to say the least. Similarly, after several thousand rounds, or several tens of thousands of rounds, firing pins are likely to break too. They’re tough, but the repeated stresses can break them, rendering a firearm inoperable.

Speaking of tens of thousands of rounds, after sending that many downrange, you’re probably going to notice that your rifle’s accuracy isn’t what it once was, even if the gun is squeaky clean, especially at ranges of more than 100 yards. That’s more than likely due to the fact that you need to replace your barrel.

Every time you pull the trigger, an infinitesimal amount of material is worn away from the lands of your gun’s rifling. Compound those trigger pulls by a factor of thousands, and your accuracy will start to run downhill. The only serviceable solution is a new barrel.

By the way, when you remove your barrel to replace it, you might be in for a surprise. Wood stocks can be notoriously finicky and require quite a bit of attention. Without being sealed and waxed or oiled, they’ll absorb a fair amount of water and can warp, diminishing accuracy. Excess moisture can cause rot, and different circumstances can cause dry rot. Even a well-cared-for rifle may need its stock replaced after 40 or 50 years.

The basic point here is that while the overall Mauser itself may remain a functional machine for much longer than expected, keeping it operational may require you to perform a bit of service to keep it all running smoothly. Whether you need a new extractor, barrel, stock, or even a set of new iron sights, you need to be in touch with the right provider. One that not only has the Mauser parts themselves but is familiar with the history of the manufacturer and can make the right recommendations for you to make those fixes.

For those of you who collect historical arms, or simply have inherited a Mauser that needs some extra attention, visit Sarco, Inc. at SarcoInc.com. They’re the uncontested experts in firearms and parts and carry a wide range of hard-to-find parts and accessories for Mausers and countless other infamous platforms, like the M1919, M1911, M2, M1, and M1 Carbine, among countless others. If you need a part for a gun, they’ll help you find it.

They can also help you troubleshoot issues and potentially even make repairs. A Mauser part won’t do you much good if you don’t know how to make the fix. Give them a call at 610-250-3960 if you’re not sure about how to make a repair, or if you’re close enough to them, pay them a visit at their storefront in Eason, Pennsylvania, at 50 Hilton Street.

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