Where Can You Purchase High-Quality Calming Herbs For Dogs?

Just like us, our pets have emotional ups and downs and can experience stress and anxiety for a variety of reasons. However, it can be somewhat difficult to attend to their needs every time this happens, especially if you can’t pinpoint the source of their anxiety. This is where the use of certain herbs could have a big impact on the overall wellness of your pet.

Dog anxiety is a real issue that can happen over long periods of time or spring up out of the blue, such as during trips to the vet. This is where calming herbs for dogs could help you attend to your pet’s needs, even if you don’t necessarily know what is causing them to feel stressed out.

In this short guide we will be taking a look at some of the reasons why your furry friend might benefit from herbal products and where you can find these online.

Why Would Your Dog Need Calming Herbs?
There are many reasons why your pet might need to be calmed down in a gentle and natural fashion. And while we would like to think that a hug and some belly rubs would be enough to reduce the stress our dog might feel in a given situation, this isn’t always the answer.

Calming your dog often requires patience and the right products that can be easily administered, and which are formulated with high-quality ingredients for the best possible results.

Here are just a few of the reasons why your pup might be stressed out or dealing with anxiety or emotional upset:

●Separation anxiety or missing you while you are at work or away.
●Loud noises such as fireworks or cars backfiring.
●An abrupt change in living conditions.
●The introduction of another pet into your household.
●Anxiety at bath time, or trips to the groomer.
●Anxiety during drop-off at the boarding kennel.

This list is by no means exhaustive, but does cover some of the more common reasons why your dog might be getting stressed out. Even if you consider yourself to be an attentive pet owner who always goes above and beyond for your dog, that doesn’t mean they are immune from stress or somehow won’t become stressed out under certain conditions.

In many ways, this makes animals like dogs very much like us. We could be having a wonderful day that is all of a sudden upended by an unforeseen stressor. Your dog could be having a great day as well but get spooked at the sight of another animal outside, or by a loud noise that they weren’t ready for.

Natural Ways to Help Your Pet Overcome Stress
Sometimes all our dogs need is a bit of reassurance and a hug in order to quell their fears and get them back to their usual happy selves. However, if you notice that their symptoms are persisting and that they genuinely seemed stressed out over the course of several days, it helps to have calming herbs for dogs on hand that can potentially make a difference for them.

Rather than resorting immediately to taking your pet to the vet (which could stress them out even more), sometimes it’s worth using gentle herbs that have calming effects such as valerian root and skullcap, which have been used for centuries for these kinds of purposes.

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Take a look at all of the products at Animal Essentials and you will see why this is the best place to shop online for helpful pet products.

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