Where You Should Be Stashing Swiss Army Knife Tools

Will anyone argue with you if you make the declaration that Swiss Army Knife Tools are not only indispensable but so useful that they eclipse other classes of tools entirely? Probably not – and we, for one, certainly will not.

Swiss Army Knives, including their innovative multi-tools, are some of the most ergonomic, lightweight, dependable, practical tools ever devised, and their longevity only lends credence to that claim. So does the collective of voices that speaks in their favor.

Don’t get caught off guard. Keep a Swiss Army Knife in the following locations and reach for it when you need it.

1. Your pocket!
Obviously, your pocket is the first and best place to keep your Swiss Army Knife Tools since they’ll be there at a moment’s notice when you need them. If you keep one in your pocket, it’ll also always be within reach. Whenever you need to dice up an apple, break down a box or tighten a loose screw in the cabinet hinge, your Swiss Army Knife tool will be your partner in crime.

2. Your pack (all your packs)
You should also get in the habit of keeping a Swiss Army Knife in your pack, if you have a pack, that is. Whether you’re a hiker or a camper or a fisherman or just keep a bug out back in the trunk, throw a Swiss Army Knife in there and you’ll be much better prepared to face what the days throw at you.

3. The glove box or the trunk
If you don’t carry a pack, make it a good habit to keep a Swiss Army Knife multi-tool in the glove box or in the trunk. When you’re out and about, you never know what can go wrong and you obviously won’t know when. Keep that tool on hand and in case you forgot your preferred EDC tool at home, your backup will save you.

4. In the saddle of your bike
If your bike has a place to stash anything, stash a Swiss Army multi-tool there. Yes, there are better tools you can carry in your bike, specific to bike maintenance (and you should carry some of these) but that in no way detracts from the utility of a good all-purpose multi-tool.

5. The junk drawer
The junk drawer is the place where all items, even outcasts, find a welcome home. What do you care if you hardly ever use any of them if you know that at the bottom of it there’s actually a tool you can call on in a pinch. Make it your reserve, if you must.

6. The tool box
The tool box is also a great place to stash Swiss Army Knife Tools, especially the ones that have folding pliers and ratchet sets and a ton of functions. There really is no more fitting place, at least categorically. It’s where you’re going to end up looking for tools anyway.

7. The tackle box
Keeping a spare Swiss Army Knife in the tackle box is also a good idea. You never know when you’re going to need to cut up some bait, free a knot or shorten a leader. You can also use a little Swiss Army Knife to clean fish in a pinch, too.

8. Your desk
You may very well be reading this article sitting at your desk, right now. Keep a Swiss Army Knife in the drawer to the left or right of you and whenever you need to sharpen a pencil or open an envelope, it’ll be within reach.

You don’t need to keep a Swiss Army Knife in all of these locations, obviously, but it’s a good idea to keep one in some. Pick yourself up a few spares at WhiteMountainKnives.com. Their selection is great (including their selection of Victorinox tools), their prices are low and they offer free shipping. Visit White Mountain Knives and sweeten your EDC rotation!

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