Which Rheem Gas Furnace Is Better For My Home

Basically, humans as we are, we need warmth. However, for our body to function properly as well as our brain does, we need to have a controlled temperature around us. One thing you’re probably wondering about when it comes to your overall heating, cooling, and ventilation systems is if you need a gas furnace. While a gas furnace supplies heat to your home using natural gas, it also is relatively priced lower than electric heat units. Although not all homes have the need to have a gas furnace to heat their homes, compared to electric coils, it still is the best economical choice in the market.

If you’re living in the cold climates in the middle of frigid winters, you most definitely need to equip your home with something that could maintain the warmth of the place. In the old days, furnaces used to be clay structures that utilized coal or wood to create extreme heat. Aside from this, furnaces were also used for crafts like kiln making, melting metal tools, and other objects. Today, the air is particularly heated in the modern furnace and then dispersed throughout the ductwork of your house. When it comes to reliable furnaces today, there are only very few brands that are recommended by the engineers and one of which is the Rheem gas furnaces.

How does a gas furnace work?
What everyone needs to understand is that not all gas furnaces work the same way. However, their basic function is to evenly heat your home. Its job starts basically from the thermostat and it’s the first place you should look if you’re having problems with the heating around the premises. The thermostat is also pretty functional and makes your life a whole lot easier since it can sense when your home is too cold once you put the temperature above the current indoor temp, then it’ll automatically kick in and send a trigger to your furnace that it needs to warm the home. After the thermostat triggers the furnace to warm your home, natural gas will start to discharge towards the burner. Once burners are ignited, they will heat a device called a heat exchanger that effectively warms the air together with the burners. And then, the blower starts to function, circulating warm air all throughout the house.

Rheem’s gas furnaces offer a broad spectrum of features in different models. They are available in three series, with different levels of specs at different prices: The Prestige Series, The Classic Series, and The Classic Plus Series. The Prestige Series is comprised of Rheem’s top-of-the-line models with great Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) ratings. When it comes to better AFUE ratings and energy efficiency, The Prestige Series and Classic Plus Series are way better than the Classic Series ones.

The Prestige Series are all on the lighter side when it comes to weight and is designed for easy installation and maintenance. Which is more favorable compared to the rest of its counterparts.

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