Why a Pentair Everpure E Series E-10 Prefilter System Is a Must in Locations with High Sediment Concentrations

Pentair is driven by a commitment to supporting health by improving water quality, as it is one of life’s essential resources. The company is defined by a series of residential and business solutions that help people enjoy their water and can improve their lifestyle and health.

A Pentair Everpure E Series Prefilter System that takes E-10 cartridges is a unique, potential solution for residences and businesses in areas whose natural water sources have a high sediment concentration. Here’s what it does and why it matters.

What the Pentair E Series E-10 Prefilter Protects Against
Unlike many other filtration systems, a system that uses Pentair Everpure E Series E-10 cartridges is a “prefilter” system. That is, it is designed to protect the operation of your primary filter cartridges and extend their usable lifespans.

Unlike many other filter systems that take cartridges with very fine filtration capabilities (like the Everpure H54, which can filter out particles down to as small as 1/50,000th of an inch) the E-10 has a much higher micron rating.

With a 10 micron rating, the E-10 is not capable of filtering out exceptionally fine particles that can be hazardous to health. Instead, with a higher micron rating, the E-10 is designed to remove excess sediment from drinking water before enabling it to pass along to a primary water filter with a finer micron rating.

It’s also highly valuable as an instrument in all foodservice applications in which there are requirements for water pre-filtration.

But let’s take a closer look at why this is valuable for your primary filter cartridge system.

Safeguarding Your Primary Filter Cartridges
The E-10 helps safeguard primary filtration systems by preventing them from becoming prematurely obstructed by relatively coarse sediment and debris. While an Everpure H54 filter is capable of removing lead, oxidized manganese, certain microbial cysts, and particulate matter as fine as 1/50,000th of an inch, using it to filter out sediment is counterproductive.

It would quickly experience diminished flow rate efficiency and become obstructed with coarse sediment and other particulate matter. Were that matter filtered out beforehand, a filter with a finer micron rating would experience greater efficiency and an extended lifespan.

That is precisely the value of a Pentair Everpure E Series Prefiltration System, such as one that accepts E-10 cartridges. These cartridges, though incapable of removing very fine particulate matter, pre-filter out excess sediment, ensuring the operability and efficiency of primary water filtration systems that remove finer dissolved materials, heavy metals, and microbes.

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