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Why a Quality Army Jacket Is About More Than Style

Sure, there are lots of style guides out there that “teach” you how to dress up an army jacket with jeans or slacks and even a graphic tee.

These sorts of jackets – notably M-65 and M-51 field jackets – fit right into grunge and street fashion. But let’s not forget their origins.

These pieces of field gear were designed, and then produced, to keep our soldiers protected against the elements – cold, rain, ice, brush, sand, sun, and more – under grueling conditions.

Today, they are still worth their weight in gold if you know what they’re good for. So let’s take a closer look.

What Makes an Army Jacket About More Than Fashion?

There are plenty of reasons to love a high-quality army jacket. These are some of the best.

  • Most military jackets, both reproduction models and genuine military surplus, exhibit high quality construction, and are made with heavy duty, wear-resistant fabrics that are soft, warm, and protective. They’re usually made with heavy-duty zippers and some even have removable liners for extra cold conditions.
  • Many military jackets are made from a tough cotton canvas or a cotton-poly blend that can be treated with a wash-in waterproofer to make them much more water-resistant, making them better for use in wetter climes.
  • The majority of army jackets are packed to the gills with storage options. Pockets, we mean. Most have four pockets on the front of the jacket and many have internal pockets or pockets on their sleeves. All in all, they offer plenty of room to carry your essential gear.
  • Cost is another thing to love about some army jackets. Granted, they can be expensive, but more often than not, genuine military surplus is actually quite affordable, if not downright cheap.
  • Another great thing about most army jackets, specifically the M-65, is that they tend to run very large, mostly because this gives them room to accommodate a liner. Even if you don’t have a liner, this makes them great for layering in cold climates.
  • The ability to remove a liner from some army jackets makes them great in mild conditions as well, making some jackets all-weather, all-season solutions.
  • Since these jackets were designed for soldiers in combat situations, most of them are colored in olive drab or traditional camouflage patterns. This makes them useful for a wide range of outdoor pursuits in which concealment is valuable, such as paintball and airsoft. Given an appropriate camouflage pattern, you can even use army jackets to round out your repertoire of hunting gear.
  • Obviously, some army jackets just look downright cool – but then again, that strays into the realm of fashion. But still, they are highly versatile and compatible with a wide range of schools of style.
  • Not all army jackets are made of cotton or polyester. Some are made from wool, or even leather, both of which have their own attractive attributes. Wool, for instance, will keep you warm even if it gets wet, and a tough leather jacket is as tough or tougher than even the most durable canvas shell.

So there you have it – a whole bunch of reasons to love a high-quality army jacket, which, if you shop wisely, you can get for quite a deal.

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