Why an Ettitude Duvet Cover and Sheet Set Will Help You Sleep Comfortably

Getting a good night’s rest is an underrated part of staying healthy and staying productive throughout the day. Unfortunately, far too many of us settle for subpar bedding options, which don’t really contribute to the sleeping experience.

This short guide will provide some insight as to why an Ettitude duvet cover and bamboo sheet set might change the way you sleep, and change the way you think about fabrics as well.

Luxury Quality Bedding
If you have never had any experience with bamboo bedding before, you may be wondering why anyone would choose such an exotic material. Why not stick with cotton or silk?

In the pursuit of higher-quality bedding options that are also sustainable, advances have been made when it comes to the way certain products are made. Yes, cotton is a fairly affordable plant-based resource with a fairly small environmental footprint compared to some other kinds of materials. Yet it’s far from perfect.

Bamboo, on the other hand, is growing in popularity as a go-to material for everything from t-shirts to bags, and even to luxury-quality sheets and duvet covers. Bamboo is considered a sustainable textile because it is fast-growing, uses relatively little space and resources compared to other plants and materials, and is relatively durable as well.

Bamboo fabric has some of the same well-loved characteristics of cotton, such as softness, breathability, and stretchiness, which makes it perfect for creating such garments as socks and underwear. Although there is waste created in the process of making bamboo textiles, most people consider this material to be a step in the right direction for the textile industry as a whole.

Experience Feathery Soft Bamboo
Ettitude is a brand focusing on quality bedding options that are not only eco-friendly but also incredibly comfortable as well. They have a special line of sheets and other bedding essentials crafted from 100% organic bamboo, which they call CleanBamboo™.

What makes their “sateen” bamboo so special is that their production process is a closed-loop and results in an absolutely minimal environmental impact. This makes Ettitude’s bamboo products some of the most sustainable options on the market in terms of high-quality bedding.

This line of organic bamboo sheets and other products feature unbelievable softness and superior breathability, as well as an array of other features such as natural moisture wicking. Another benefit of bamboo is that it is hypoallergenic, so it’s not only a sustainable choice, but a truly healthy one as well.

After looking into the benefits of using bamboo fabric, you might be wondering where you can easily find these kinds of products so that you can rest easier at night. Whether you are looking for an Ettitude duvet cover or a high-quality sheet set made of bamboo, you can shop for everything you need at ourCommonplace.

If you are not already familiar with them, ourCommonplace is an ethical marketplace that features a wide assortment of sustainable and carefully sourced home goods. Ranging from biodegradable bedding options such as Ettitude’s line of luxury bamboo sheets and other items, to storage solutions, towels, robes, candles, home accents, and a plethora of clothing options.

For the eco-conscious, there’s simply no better place to shop online than ourCommonplace. They make sure that every brand featured in their marketplace adheres to a certain level of quality and ethics in the business practices. This means fair trade, sustainable supply chains, low carbon footprints, and raising awareness about socio-economic issues as well.

For anyone interested in sustainable bedding options, especially ones from brands like Ettitude, you will find just what you need over at ourCommonplace.

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