Why Are WordPress SEO Services Growing In Popularity in 2022?

Technology has a funny way of subverting our expectations. WordPress first appeared in 2003 as a spinoff of b2/Cafelog, a platform that hosted a couple of thousand blogs that year. Today, it hosts over 455 million websites around the world and has a tight grip on 62% of the Content Management Systems market share.

However, WordPress was supposed to have very limited advantages when compared to platforms focused on offering tools specifically designed to allow users to set up an online store and start selling products with ease.

Shopify and BigCommerce, for example, were a direct response to the need for simplifying website development for users with limited (or non-existent) coding experience. This was seen as a huge leap forward for many, and these platforms have experienced incredible growth since their inception.

However, none has come close to WordPress in terms of market share or even usability.

While there are incredible eCommerce stores hosted by Shopify and BigCommerce, WordPress still beats those platforms in terms of versatility, scalability, and, of course, SEO.

It turns out that, even when there are platforms that make it extremely easy to create websites, people still flock to WordPress because of its content management system. Digital marketers know that Google takes content seriously and is the main factor driving search results.

The growth experienced by WordPress demonstrates this. In 2016, only 25% of websites were powered by WordPress. Today, that number went up to 37% despite the competition offering seemingly better options.

The WordPress community is extremely large and incredibly active. They not only help you solve almost any problem or find very specific solutions when building a website. They are also constantly creating themes, plugins, and features that allow you to effortlessly create an eCommerce store completely tailored to your specific needs. Moreover, you don’t have to choose between functionality and content creation. Other platforms usually put users between a rock and a hard spot, placing useful features in terms of trade-offs.

WordPress does not condition the use of their content management system in any way, making it incredibly powerful for businesses that depend on quality content creation for their digital campaign.

One might think that no platform can hold such an advantage for so long. I tend to agree as the relentless march of technology usually ends up crushing leaders who have stayed too long on top. However, WordPress always manages to stay one step ahead. Just when their content editor started feeling a bit stale, they released Gutenberg in 2018. This block editor allows users to easily compose and format their content without any constraints.

WordPress also makes it easy to structure pages with heading tags, making it easier for Google and users to understand what the site is about, improving UX and awarding higher organic standings in the search engine rankings.

However, with such a massive number of options and features to choose from, it is easy to feel lost without the help of WordPress SEO services. Some plugins and features work well together, but only experienced WordPress SEO experts, developers and marketers with enough understanding of the platform´s inner workings can find the best combination for SEO purposes.

If the platform´s growth trend continues, WordPress SEO services will become extremely important in 2022 as Google puts even more emphasis on content and search intent. Businesses looking into ways of beating their competitors in terms of organic traffic and conversions, will all need a sound content strategy that effectively reflects Google´s intentions to reward those who follow their guidelines with better rankings in search results.

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