Why caring relationship is important in a daycare center

Among the many things a daycare center must focus on, perhaps caring relationship is something that needs the best attention and practiced with due importance. Here is why this topic is of prime importance to every daycare center.

How day-to-day interactions can impact brain development
Studies show that the day-to-day interactions of babies with their caregivers impacts the brain development significantly. In fact, it is very important for their very survival. Children’s brain experience delight and pleasure only when their needs for nurturing and protection is adequately met. Pleasurable and productive early childhood interactions are found to stimulate the brain. Babies can relate to the ones that care for them with ease and confidence. If the above said expectations are not met adequately, children’s confidence that they can get their needs fulfilled through relationships is bound to be challenged.

How experiences impact children’s perception and concept framing
A child’s experiences with relationships in early education and also at home can create the base for the future functioning of the brain. The information that the children gather in this regard goes into building the complex processes of the brain. The kind of response and treatment caregivers give them will help the brain set anticipations about those responses in future. When these experiences repeat, brains of children develop the perspectives of the environment and society around accordingly. This is very important to decide how the baby will relate to others around, and how they engage with the learning process. If the children are exposed to repeated negative treatments, they are most likely to anticipate that the new experiences will also be negative.

What children need importantly from their caregivers
The researches conducted over the past three decades prove beyond any doubt that a tender loving care adopted by the early childhood educators will not only make the children participate in learning delightfully, it will also play a crucial part in early brain development. Caregivers at a daycare center must be sensitive to the needs of children and must learn to get the messages rightly. Timely response is crucially importance in early childhood care, especially when the child sends signals of distress. Caregivers must be able to read the cues accurately. They must understand the appropriate levels of stimulation.

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