Why Do Facility Managers Need A Preventative Maintenance Plan?

Keeping a facility operational and efficient requires a ton of hard work, especially if you want to keep costs down. Good facility managers must support both the workers and the equipment inside the facility, and plan for future maintenance and repairs instead of just performing these tasks as needed. In short, their work is to keep their facilities running smoothly.

One of the hardest parts of being a facility manager is taking care of the plumbing in their properties, especially when managing several facilities at locations that are far away from each other. Distance makes it difficult to keep plumbing costs down as it is sometimes impossible to hire the same contractors to work on different locations and get discounts for bringing in multiple properties.

However, these challenges can be offset with careful planning and devising a preventative maintenance plan for your water structures. The idea is to improve your ability to budget by determining the components that will need replacement before they cause costly problems: taking care of your plumbing and fixtures regularly might imply an increased expense, but it reduces maintenance costs and improves your system´s efficiency. Remember that something as small as a leaking toilet or commercial hydrant might waste up to 90.000 gallons of water a month and make a huge dent in your water bills.

Keeping an eye on your water structure will also save you money by extending the lifespan of all of your components. Not needing to perform frequent changes will free up money for other important tasks, allowing you to have a more robust emergency fund.

One of the key ways to achieve your maintenance prevention goals is to locate reliable and high-quality plumbing supplies and equipment. Having a trusted supplier of reliable parts and equipment gives you tighter control of the budget by removing the middlemen from the equation. This is especially important when managing government facilities, educational institutions, hospitality units, multifamily apartments, and science and aerospace facilities. These environments require sturdy and over-built equipment for commercial specification from American top brands like American Standard and Zurn.

Additionally, having a clear idea of the conditions of your water structure and plumbing fixtures allows you to plan for vital replacements. Remember that all metals corrode given enough time, so you always need to be able to reliably predict wear and have replacements budgeted even months in advance. Facility managers must also stay current on plumbing technology advances that can help improve efficiency and lower costs. This is especially true for commercial hydrants, flushometers, and other fixtures.

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