Why Every Clergywoman Should Wear Clergy Shirts

You have blessed us all with your hard work, dedication, and teachings within the church. You work tirelessly to assist your parishioners to continue following the good Word and to not lose faith in God. They all believe in you and continue to absorb your preachings, sermons, and examples.

However, what if you are wearing uncomfortable or even just bland clothes during your sermons? What if you’re wearing a garment that isn’t breathable, leaving you feeling hot and, in turn, distracting you and taking you away from your message? Unfortunately, this is a common issue with people of the clergy, but especially for women. It’s typical of clergywomen to struggle to find the right attire for mass and other church occasions because so many available options are uncomfortable, unforgiving, and downright ugly.

And in come clergy shirts for women to save the day. Every clergywoman should bless herself, her wardrobe, and her parish with a wide array of clergy shirts. Let’s look at why these shirts are so imperative for any clergywoman.

Just because you have followed your calling to closely serve God and people doesn’t mean you have to give up your personal style. With clergy shirts for women, you won’t have to. These types of shirts come in various styles, colors, and designs so you can have a sense of style that fits you and your personality.

Clergy shirts have a huge advantage when it comes to practicality for clergywomen. They can be worn for nearly any church setting or event, from Sunday service to church gatherings. Most can also be worn during everyday life as well. With the wide range of colors available you’ll be able to properly dress for any occasion. Here is a list of the colors and proper occasions for which to wear them:

Red/Maroon: usually worn to commemorate a martyred saint and by those in bishop positions

White: worn during weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other formal events. White clergy shirts are usually worn under a cloak, but not worn out in public settings

Purple: worn for repentance services. On top of that, purple clergy shirts are worn by those of bishop positions, but used to differentiate a bishop from a Senior bishop

Black: the most classic of the clergy shirts that can apply to nearly all occasions, whether in a service or grocery stores

Having the right clergy shirt for the right environment or event is extremely important for clergypeople. Therefore, it’s important to purchase all these options and have them ready to go in your wardrobe for any and all church events.

Tab-collar and Neckband Shirts
One of the most uncommonly known facts about these shirts is that they come in two different types of clergy shirts. They can be either tab-collar or neckband shirts. Tab-collars have fold-down collars that have openings at the base of the throat for the placement of cloth or plastic neck pieces. Neckband shirts, on the other hand, don’t have collars. Instead, they have a thin band of cloth that’s white and goes around the neck. This gives these shirts a mock-turtleneck style.

Either one of these types of clergy shirts is a great choice to add to any clergyperson’s closet. Trying out both could be a great idea to find which is more comfortable for you.

Finding the right and most high-quality clergy shirts for women is an important step in the process. Head on over to DivinityClergyWear.com, which offers all of their customers pristine clergy wear, including clergy shirts and plenty of other garments. With their great products and service, you can worry less about getting the right clothes so you can focus more on your message.

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