Why Every Company Needs Plastic Name Tag Holders

Name tags and badges are a great way to humanize your employees. They are not just employees, but people with names that happen to work for you. Depending on the type of business you work for or own, could depend on the type of name tags or badges you need. There are name badges, id badges, photo id badges, or even membership badges you might need for your business.

There are many perks when it comes to having reusable name badges. Not only are you cutting down on your single-use plastic products, but you are also reducing your carbon footprint. Many companies are taking the pledge to become more environmentally friendly, so businesses who need products should follow suit and support other companies when they decide to go green.

However, some jobs are more hands-on than others and require you to get a little dirty or rough around the edges. Oppositely, some jobs want to maintain a level of professionalism by making sure the employees look clean and polished every day at the office.

All of those components come down to the small details, even as small as the name tag. Being that name tags are so important for a job that works with other people or customers (almost every job), the name tag needs to remain clean and polished, as well.

This can only be done by putting useful plastic name tag holders over top of the original name badge to keep it protected, clean, and looking good as new. Simply slide your name tag into the name tag holder, and connect it to the lanyard. You can easily wear your name tag around your neck and take it off whenever you want.

No matter if you need name tags for a food service job where you tend to get stains on your uniform, or you work in an office setting where you need to look as presentable as possible daily, plastic name tag holders are the perfect solution and added touch for added protection and polish to your employee’s name tags.

To find the right types of plastic holders for your business’s name tags, you need to find the right place that knows a thing or two about name tags and things of the sort. At Imprint Plus, they specialize in everything that has to do with name tags, name badges, and other related placard signs.

Whether you are needing a plastic covering to protect your name badges or in need of new and improved ID cards for your employees, Imprint Plus has everything you need. Equipped with a design studio with custom templates, fonts, and other designs, you will be sure to find new name tags that will make your business and employees stand out from the rest.

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