Why Handmade Knives Are Better Than Your Production Knife

Choosing the perfect knife is constantly a thing of supreme importance for any knife enthusiast old or new. Regardless if it’s supposed to be used in the kitchen or out in the bush, whatever happens, it all boils down to the tools being used. And while industrial innovations have made it possible for knife makers to churn out all kinds of retail goods, even knives, and other tools, it’s not a secret that they may lack the quality of handmade ones. The best thing though, while they are limited and one of a kind, there still are knifemakers that meticulously handcrafted knives today.

Like all forged and hammered tools, there are various factors that make handmade knives for sale stand out among the other knives on the shelves. Below are just a few advantages of handmade knives, forged and hammered across time, and why you should get one for yourself.

This is the top feature of every handmade knife enthusiast’s love. They could last you for a lifetime of use while still keeping their beautiful sharpness and strength. If you’re out in the woods wood-crafting using your handmade bushcraft knife and would probably accidentally drop it on a hard surface, you can rest your mind thinking about the worse after an impact. Handmade knives do not easily break under pressure and are not as feeble as the ones made out of an assembly line. Purchasing one for yourself is a very good investment if your hobby or work revolves around a good piece of knife. This is why most handmade knives come in quite sizable purchases, compared to the ones from a production line.

It’s not a hard task to sharpen a handmade knife. In fact, you can just run it through a whetstone and the efficacy of its blade will always remain the same. This is because a handmade knife is not flexible and won’t twist when held against sharpening steel—which makes it easier to maintain its sharpness compared to a feeble production knife.

The skill that’s been put to hand-forge a knife is almost like an act of artistic expression. Knifemakers create these knives to make it a point that they would look unique and that there’d be no one else who might own the same one at least 10 miles from you. Handmade knives don’t have the same design as the ones made out from an assembly line. Their designs are unique and out of the ordinary. And if after 10 years you ever come across one who owns the same as yours, it’s probably because you bought your knives from the same knife maker who made only 5 of them in the world.

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