Why You Need a Bergere Chair in Your Home

When you add the perfect piece of furniture to finally complete your favorite room, the feeling is incomparable. Pride, excitement, and fulfillment are all neatly intertwined. The room looks well-rounded and inviting, as it reflects your unique style and personality, in a way that you have pictured for what seems like forever.

That is the feeling a Bergere chair can evoke. These upholstered French armchairs come in a wide range of sizes, styles, and designs. Many of these types of chairs are antique for those looking to complete their collection, some are vintage, yet others offer a more modern style. Bergere chairs come in pairs or singles and, as you might already imagine, are all beautiful.

What exactly is it that makes a Bergere chair so enviable and the perfect piece to complete any room in your home?

Designed for Comfort and Relaxation
While it’s obvious that you want your room to be overall welcoming and cozy with the addition of a quaint chair, you’ll need a place for people to sit comfortably, too. That’s one of the greatest features of these chairs: they’re designed for comfort on the eyes and body. The seat of each one is wide and deep, while the back reaches a comfortable height. More often than not, the armrests are padded.

It was developed with an 18th century style, sure, but comfort was at the forefront of the designers’ minds. It was the first chair to consider comfort and relaxation over style, therefore every one of these chairs has a large and soft cushion. This combination allows for the utmost comfort, whether it’s just you or your guest.

Three Types to Choose From
If you are looking for the right type of chair to adhere to your personal style, you can investigate each of the three types: Bergère à la Reine, Bergère en cabriolet, and Bergère marquise.

The Bergère à la Reine typically has a higher and straighter back and a slope to the arms. The Bergère en cabriolet is lower, usually coming to about mid-back, and has a rounded back. The Bergère marquise falls in the middle of these in terms of height, but also has a thinner back.

Whichever one of the three you choose to complete your home, you won’t be sorry, as all three are built for comfort and style.

Wide Range of Styles
Speaking of style, there are plenty of options. If you are looking for something that is authentically antique, you have plenty of choices. If you would rather have something that was made recently and offers a modern spin on the look of these chairs, you have numerous choices to choose from, too! Vintage? Got that as well. Whatever specific idea you have for your room, this chair will perfectly fit right in.

If you are looking for that perfect piece to complete your favorite room, then look no further than the bergere chair. It’s comfortable, stylish, elegant, and unique. When shopping for the best of these chairs and plenty of other gorgeous furniture pieces, be sure to do so at Eloquence. They have anything and everything you and your home are looking for.

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