Why You Should Be Using a Butane Cigar Lighter

As you get more invested in smoking cigars, you will want to learn more about the things that come with it and set yourself up all the right accessories to help you during your smoking sessions. One of the must-have cigar accessories or tools is the lighter you use. You might just assume that you would use any lighter or pack of matches you have on hand, but we would advise you to rethink that. Some people are very particular about which type of lighter they use for their cigars and for good reason. The tool you use to smoke can have an impact on your experience as a whole and change the way you enjoy your cigar. One of the most popular ways to light your cigar is by using a butane cigar lighter every time. By now, you might have seen other smokers light up with this small torch and wondered what was the appeal. Well, here are a few reasons as to why they do that and why you may want to start using one.

Clean Scent
Perhaps the main allure of using a butane cigar lighter for your smoking sessions is the scent that butane leaves behind, or rather the lack of scent. You will often hear that butane burns “clean” which is just another way of saying it does not leave behind a strong, pungent, odor that lingers. As butane burns, it is almost completely odorless and does not leave behind a strong scent on you or your cigar. This is perfect for smoking with cigars because the odor and taste are such significant aspects of the experience. You want to be able to enjoy the taste, reading all the notes, and catch the aroma as it wafts around before fading away. These sensory experiences are major aspects of smoking cigars that enthusiasts would be pretty frustrated to have disrupted. The fact that butane does not get in the way of the scent or taste of your cigar is a huge reason to get yourself a butane cigar lighter and improve your smoking experience.

Easy to Use
You might be concerned that having this kind of lighter would be frustrating and high-maintenance, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. Butane lighters are easy to use and only require occasional refills, which you should be able to find conveniently online at the same shop you bought it from. Just pick out the lighter you want, and it will stay with you for years. You might even consider them to be easier than matches since you don’t have to worry about them breaking in half or bending out of shape. Just keep refilling your butane cigar lighter and enjoy it for years to come.

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