Why You Should Be Using Cake and Icing Shortening

As a baker working in a professional kitchen, it is important that you understand all of the basic baking ingredients and what each one can do to affect your baked goods. One example of a classic baking ingredient found in most kitchens is shortening. Cake and icing shortening can be used to bake and decorate your products so that they look and taste the best. If you are not very familiar with this ingredient, you will want to order some for your kitchen soon and start working it into your recipes, so you can see what this type of shortening is able to do.

Create Creamy Frostings
While many people have become accustomed to using pre-made buttercream frostings in their kitchens, others have still insisted on creating theirs from scratch. One of the most important ingredients in a buttercream is, no surprise, butter, but that is not the only fat-based ingredient you can use to get the results you want. Cake and icing shortening works perfectly in a frosting recipe to give you a smooth, creamy buttercream that is light and easy to work with. You can use it alone in your frosting, or you can do a mix of both, creating an amazing frosting that has the richness of butter, but the fluffiness of shortening. High-quality icing shortenings also create a frosting that is bright white and looks beautiful fresh out the mixing bowl. You can use it as is or mixed in with food coloring to get a vibrant, true color. You should definitely try mixing up some fresh batches of buttercream made with cake and icing shortening so that you can see what a fresh icing can do for your cakes and cupcakes.

Delicious, Fresh Cakes
If you do not already rely on cake and icing shortening in your cake recipes, you might want to start experimenting with this ingredient as a substitute for whatever fat product you are currently using. This could make a major difference in the way that your cakes come out of the oven. Shortening is a pretty traditional ingredient in many recipes for baked goods because it is a basic fat ingredient that you need in order to balance the recipe. It is one of the ingredients that gives your cakes its consistency and texture. When you use a high quality cake and icing shortening to bake, the resulting cakes are moist, light, fluffy, and give you a nice tenderness that crumbles perfectly against your fork. This is the exact kind of texture you want in a cake, and shortening is a great way to see those results. Even if you are already used to using some combination of oil or butter to prepare your cake batter, we would recommend you try out shortening for a few trial runs to see how your cakes turn out and if it is worth making the switch.

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