Why You Should be Using Drill Mills

If you work on milling machines, then you know how important it is to have reliable end mills and drill bits. One thing that some operators don’t know is that there is a great option between these two cutting tools, the drill mill. These tools are a unique jack of all trades style milling tool that every machinist should have in their arsenal.

As their name suggests, a drill mill is a cutting tool that shares characteristics of both end mills and drill bits. The tools resemble short drill bits, with a sharp point and helical flutes. These flutes are designed for side milling operations as well as drilling. Unlike most milling cutters which are designed to fulfill specific purposes, these tools are extremely versatile, making them a great option for a wide variety of drilling and milling operations.

One of the biggest issues with conventional end mills is the fact that they are not well suited for making vertical cuts. Your average square end mill might be a real workhorse when it comes to side milling, but when it comes to axial drilling, they are a poor choice. A drill mill can be used to drill small holes that are the size of the cutter. After drilling a hole, the tool can then be used to side mill out from that point. This makes them a great option for milling through thin materials, especially if there is a sacrificial material beneath your workpiece.

One of the most unique things about these tools is the fact that they have a pointed tip. These tips can be used for a wide range of applications while machining. As long as the point angle is equal to or greater than the point angle of a longer twist bit, then you can use your drill mills to spot drill the location of holes.

The tip on these tools can also be used to help finish your workpiece. The cutting point is great for chamfering edges. You can also trace along the edges of your workpiece to help remove any burrs left over from the machining process. While finishing you can also use this tip to add decorative touches by engraving designs on your finished piece. All of these different uses make drill mills extremely useful and unique tools.

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