Why You Should Stop Buying Synthetic Instead of Real Fur Coats

It’s unfortunate how most young people these days steer clear from buying real fur coats because of the negative backlash that is thrown towards someone who wears one. Mink fur has always been an elegant material utilized to make a classic outer garment. When you’re walking down the street in the most basic wardrobe underneath a real mink coat, anyone who would see you can tell that you don’t settle for less—more so if you bought the coat yourself. There are so many benefits if people would choose to wear real fur rather than settling for synthetic ones. These benefits are often overlooked when in fact, it is important that we take a hard look at them and reflect how buying a real fox, sable or a real mink coat is the best choice there will ever be.

Fashion trends are ever-changing. Some of them are thrown back, others not. But a real coat is an ever-trending fashion statement. The negative press doesn’t even matter. Even if people would stop buying a real mink coat this year and somebody else decides to buy one the following year, it will still be in style by then. If you think about it, real fur coats are often inherited from grandparents who originally bought the coats back when they were still in their thirties. And if you wear them today, they will still be in style! This fact only means there’s no need for you to buy different designs in different colors if you’re on a budget, once you buy a real one, you can always wear it every year for as long as it shall live under your care.

Remarkably Warmth
Historically real furs were worn by people to keep themselves warm in the harsh winter weather. They provide the most remarkable warmth and comfort in style. It was just when nobles and emperors would wear real mink coats and use them as a gift in the most prominent celebration among themselves that real furs were considered a status symbol more than a warm garment. Real fur coats provide unmatched quality of warmth when compared to synthetic fur coats.

Fashion Forward Choice
In fashion, you don’t want one that is fast and non-biodegradable. As we are educated more about what fast fashion can do to our planet, a real fur coat does more than keeping us warm and comfortable. Real fur coats are also highly in vogue that is why people would purchase them together with the accessories. Also, a real fur coat has a genuine head-turner trigger that when you wear them, people can never help but take notice of.

Real fur comes from real animals. When your real fur meets its end in time, it will just wither away as all the other living things do. It does not add any carbon footprint as it only degrades naturally back to the earth. This is not the case for synthetic materials though. When the owner is done with their fake fur jackets and coats or when its quality wears out it will be added to the mountains of trash that pile up through the years.

There are so many reasons why you should choose to wear a real fur coat over a synthetic one. But whatever the decision you make, no one judges you, so long as you are choosing the best option not just for yourself but for the next generation as well.

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