Why Your Next 2.5 Ton Package Unit Should Come from Budget Air Supply

You can read reviews of different air conditioning units and HVAC systems online until you run out of interest. You won’t run out of material. Everyone has an opinion on whether or not heat pumps are better because they’re more efficient, or why furnaces are a must in colder climates, or why some areas can get by just fine with an electric package unit with a heat strip.

Whatever your decision is for your home will probably rest heavily with the insight of your HVAC technician or someone else that you trust. When the time comes for buying that system, whether it’s a 2.5 ton package unit or a mini split system, you should take your business to Budget Air Supply.

1.An expansive selection
Right out of the gate Budget Air Supply comes out swinging with a huge collection of inventory that would make any homeowner (or business owner) feel confident. Whether your specialist advises you to go with an industry leading piece of equipment from Rheem or Goodman or you want to see what they offer from Daikin, AmeriStar, EcoTemp and others.

This doesn’t need to be drawn out too far. The fact of the matter is that Budget Air Supply has the goods.

2.The best prices paired with a price match
When you settle on that 2.5 ton package unit that interests you and that you believe will meet your needs, you’re going to get the best price at Budget Air Supply. They make it a point to offer this equipment at really great prices to begin with, and they top it off with a price match guarantee. If you find the same unit at a better price elsewhere, just get in touch with their customer service.

3.Free shipping
Here’s one thing that really sets Budget Air Supply apart from its competitors. It’s common practice for heating and cooling suppliers to ship their equipment – at highly elevated rates. It costs a lot of money to ship heavy and bulky items, so we won’t call it price gouging, but Budget Air Supply made an investment in its supply chain and now offers free shipping to its customers.

4.Fast shipping
That little detail about Budget Air Supply investing in its supply chain and logistical infrastructure is important to this following point. It isn’t like Budget Air Supply offers free shipping with an estimated delivery between the years of 2023 and 2025. Their shipping is not merely free – it is also fast, much faster than industry standard shipping times.

5.Help with installation
Budget Air Supply also breaks the mold for some online HVAC suppliers by maintaining an installation network around the country that will make it easier for you to get your new package air conditioner, or dual fuel system, or gas electric package, or whatever it is, installed.

It doesn’t matter how energy efficient your new system is, or how powerful it is, if it isn’t installed properly and operational onsite. Luckily, Budget Air Supply makes it much easier for you as a homeowner to implement a new heating or cooling system – and you can call them at 855-473-6484 for details.

6.Responsive customer service and support
The basic reason that Budget Air Supply extends all of this value to its customers is that its competitors were not in the practice of doing so. When they started in the early 2000s, their competitors were also not in the habit of extending reliable customer service or support. Their premise was to provide great service and responsiveness to their customers – which is precisely what they did and continue to do.

If you need proof of it, just give them a call at 855-473-6484 and you’ll get a person on the phone right away. Otherwise, visit their website at BudgetAirSupply.com and get a deal on that new package unit today.

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