Wondering Where to Buy RAW Papers Wholesale?

Do you have any smoking customers in your vape shop? Then you’ll need to know where to buy wholesale rolling papers from popular brands like RAW papers. If you want to add some rolling papers to your inventory and want more information on the best rolling papers, we are here to help.

Rolling Papers
Rolling papers, as the name implies, are thin papers used to roll tobacco and other smoking blends into cigarettes. These papers are usually sold in interleaved packages. There are numerous rolling paper brands available, including RAW, Element, Rizla, Zig Zag, EZ Wider, Juicy Jay, Randy’s, OCB, and others.

Why are Rolling Papers Used?
Rolling papers are an excellent choice for smokers who value flavor and convenience. Rolling papers have a nice, clean flavor as well. Unlike pipes, which accumulate burnt residue, rolling papers always provide a fresh, flavorful smoke.

A pack of rolling papers is also basically the smallest smoking device that can be carried. You can roll anywhere if you have enough skill and something to smoke.

Rolling papers, in addition to being convenient, are designed to produce a slow and even smoke. The quality of the cigarettes will obviously depend on the skill of the roller, and they are designed to slow and control the burn.

Types of Rolling Papers
Many smokers will have differing views on which rolling papers are the best to use. Rolling paper, such as the kind that comes with rolling tobacco, is usually a semi-translucent white and made of flax, rice straw, hemp, and other natural fibers. While still quite thin, these are the thickest and most forgiving rolling papers available. This makes them ideal for both new and experienced rollers.

Hemp papers are one of the most popular types of rolling papers. These papers are made entirely of hemp plant fibers and are typically unbleached, giving them a tannish brown color. Hemp papers are typically quite thin and can be more difficult to roll with.

The advantage of hemp alternatives such as RAW papers is that they add less flavor than thicker rolling papers. Some smokers even find that the subtle flavor that untreated hemp papers add to smoke is more enjoyable than standard paper. RAW hemp papers are a popular choice, with everything from standard rolling papers to massive RAW pre-rolled cones that can be easily packed and smoked.

Rice papers are the thinnest available. These papers are typically off white in color and very translucent. They can be difficult to roll with because they are so thin and prone to tearing, but they add almost no flavor to the smoke.

Even for beginners, rice papers can be surprisingly forgiving. If a cigarette is too loosely rolled or has a tear, smokers can always roll it up in another rice paper to tighten things up and should barely notice the difference.

Where to Find Raw Papers Wholesale?
Wondering where you can buy RAW papers wholesale? You can find plenty of options from RAW and other rolling papers brands along with everything a vape shop might need at Kingdom Vapor’s online wholesale vape shop.

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